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For Work & Play

Thu, 2016-03-31

We know how lovely those lace dresses are in your closet.
And lonely too, cos it’s not every day that you can wear them out.
There’s got to be an occasion to call out the lace right?

Well, not anymore! Our Jillian Lace Insert Pants says otherwise.
For all the lace-lovers, this is for you. It adds a delicate feminine touch to your everyday wear, without overdoing it.

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Oh-So-Cool Girl

Thu, 2016-05-05

The art of dressing like a cool girl is possibly one of those enigmatic pursuits some of us can never get. But we still try.

Before, the cool-girl uniform may have been lots of distressed denim twinned with flannel outerwear.
Yeah, they prefer it oversized too.