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This week, we managed to speak to co-founder Jia Min, and Kar Men of Olsen Bakehouse. Both ladies are cheery mummies who are passionate in creating bakes that are not only visually appealing, but taste incredible too! Check out their gorgeous bakes over on their website, you won't regret it! 

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Being busy mummies, how do Jia Min and Kar Men cope with finding clothes that make them feel good on a daily basis?

We've got all the details right here.


1. How has your style changed before and after your pregnancy?

Jia Min: I started wearing more comfy, breastfeeding friendly clothes.

Kar Men: Most important things I look out for are comfort, functionality, practicality and breastfeeding friendly. Of course, while still looking good!

(Left) Jia Min is in Carlos Buttoned Top in Periwinkle Size M.
(Right) Kar Men is in Sora Maxi Dress Size M.

2. What areas of concern do you look out for when it comes to clothes?

Kar Men: I think things that catch very easily, or stain and have tricky care instructions. So if you have to hand wash or other complicated steps, who has time for that? I have two other kids who are calling me even when I shower. To add on, when we get ready now, we can do so in record time once we become a mum! You take care of everyone else and you end up with only two seconds to get ready. You also have less time to think about accessorising so we tend to go for basics or things that we can mix and match with anything.

(Left) Jia Min is in Carlos Buttoned Top in Periwinkle Size M and Linden Shorts in Size M.
(Right) Kar Men is in Sora Maxi Dress Size M.

Jia Min: I have a friend who has a kid around the same age as my daughter, Lily, and our random conversations would always revolve around clothes. So let's say I commented on a photo she took with her kid, and say "hey that's a pretty dress!" She would reply "I don't wear this anymore, I might go around flashing people!" As a mum, even if the item is around knee length, you might expose yourself at the back if your kid is young. At the same time, you can't be bothered because your kid really needs you. So clothes for mum have to be squat and bend friendly!

Kar Men: Some dresses fly up so easily, those are accidents waiting to happen! You have to choose, to hold your dress or hold your kid? Of course, it will be to hold my baby! Then when you flash you're just like aiya, forget it haha.

Jia Min: Yeah, so definitely important that the clothes be squat and bend friendly. I also don't wear clothes that are made of chiffon. I'm always with Lily and I'm always perspiring. Before having her, I can keep myself cool. Now, when we go out with the pram and you're in a material that isn't breathable, it clings to you when you perspire, it's a gross feeling. So I go for light, breathable clothes that make me look and feel good.

3. How would you describe your go-to look nowadays?

(Left) Jia Min is in Carlos Buttoned Top in Periwinkle Size M and Linden Shorts in Size M.
(Right) Kar Men is in Sora Maxi Dress Size M.

Kar Men: Once you have had two kids like me, your body isn't the way it used to be. So I've learnt to choose clothes that help me hide my tummy. I want to be able to eat food, have a tummy and you wouldn't be able to tell. So usually, I go for empire cut tops and fitted bottoms so I can still squat and what not. Otherwise, it would be maxi dresses. I really love maxi dresses because I feel that they aren't too long such that I'm sweeping the ground. This was really the perfect dress for me, the Sora Maxi Dress!

Jia Min: For me, I am usually in a high-waisted something, either shorts or pants paired with a breathable tank or tee. Some days when I feel a little bit better about myself, I go for the crop? Otherwise, it's a regular length tee or something oversized and buttoned like what I'm wearing. It's comfy and stylish, while still being timeless. These are important things to me when I find clothing.

4. Last question! What tips can you provide first-time mums who are dealing with post-partum body changes?

(Left) Jia Min is in Carlos Buttoned Top in Periwinkle Size M and Linden Shorts in Size M.
(Right) Kar Men is in Sora Maxi Dress Size M.

Jia Min: Find clothes that aren't too tight. For me, I will get engorgement if I wear tight clothes, so find clothes that you can confidently pop your boob out with one hand is key.

Kar Men: It should be a course! How to pop a boob out with one hand.

Jia Min: I think as a first-time mum, it's also very stressful. There're so many things for you to learn, but also the clothes that you wear. When you go out, you're dealing with a lot of nerves, especially with all the things that my child needs and the unpredictability. On top of that, if your boob is hanging out, she's fussing, and the nursing cloth is flying away, it's very difficult to use one hand to zip or clip everything back up. So clothes that allow you to pop in and out quick will help you be more confident. For first-time mums, that would really, really help, when you're in the right clothes.

Kar Men: I think for me it's to embrace your new body. It's the hardest to do, because you'll keep thinking I need to go back to my pre-pregnancy day clothes, and you think that's the goal. But it isn't! Your body has done so much, naturally your body will change. So embrace the change. Find clothes that keep you confident. Also, you can also put aside those pre-pregnancy clothes, though I'm still hoping I can fit into my clothes someday? You want to focus on the kid first, and then eventually you start to find yourself again.

Jia Min: I did a closet overhaul after I had Lily. It was the day I accepted that okay, I'm going to pack these away and come to terms that these aren't clothes that I can wear now. For those I think people will laugh if I wear them 5 years later, then I'll give it away. The timeless ones that I really like, I will choose to keep. Moving on, I have a new closet of clothes that keeps me comfortable, happy and confident. I think that's very important.


With that, we've come to the end of our short interview with Jia Min and Kar Men. We hope these helpful tips would be useful to any mummies out there! We're sending you tons of love and support in this special and intimate journey.

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