what is The Lovers Club?

The Lovers Club is The Closet Lover’s membership programme, where we reward customers who purchase from our website and stores. Members can earn points and cashback, redeem rewards and enjoy exclusive perks. Signing up as a member is free.

how do i join The Lovers Club?

If you have an existing account with The Closet Lover before 27 May 2023, you’ll automatically be part of The Lovers Club. 

For new customers, you can sign up for an account here.

what are the different tiers of membership?

There are three tiers of membership, namely Lilac, Violet, and Amethyst. You will be allocated to the different membership tiers based on your accumulated spending at The Closet Lover within a 12-month period. 

You can find out more about the membership programme here.

how much do i need to spend to be upgraded to Amethyst?

Lilac to Violet: $800 within a 12-month period

Violet to Amethyst: $2000 within a 12-month period 

You will need to spend a total of $2,800 to be upgraded from Lilac to Amethyst.

when will my upgraded status start?

It will start on the same day as when the required spending was accumulated and the status will last for 12 months.

how does accumulated spending work?

Your spending with us will be accumulated over time, and that amount will be used for the maintenance and upgrading of your membership tier. Accumulated spending will be attributed to your membership once an order status has been set as Payment Received.

what happens to the spending I have accumulated before the new membership launch?

All spending accumulation restarts from 27 May 2023 onwards. You will need to achieve the yearly accumulated spending requirement within a 12-month period.

Once your membership tier is attained in the new year, your spending resets to $0 and you will drop / upgrade to the new tier for next 12 months.


what happens if i do not fulfil the yearly accumulated spending requirement?

Your membership tier will descend accordingly based on the accumulated spending.
Violet members will be required to spend $800 within a 12-month period and Amethyst members will be required to spend $2000 within a 12-month period.

can I combine accumulated spending from multiple accounts into a single account?

Accumulated spending is strictly non-transferable and cannot be combined into a single account.

how can I check my current membership status?

You can visit the Account page to check on your current membership status.

am I still entitled to the previous Gold /Silver membership discount for my online & in-store purchase?

The old membership discounts are no longer applicable. However, we’ve introduced new and exciting membership perks such as earning tiered cashback and points with every dollar spend at The Closet Lover. You can find out more about the updated membership perks here.

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