The Closet Lover, also affectionately known as TCL, is a fashion brand established in Singapore, and founded by sister duo Brianna and Bertilla Wong. 

Our brand’s spirit is built on human connection, and we are armed with the dedication to be a familiar, reliable support system that uplifts and refreshes our community. 

We strive to do more than just business with you. 

We stay authentic and true to our best selves, and here’s who we are as a brand:

Amiable - Always striving to be the best for our community

Constant - Here for you through every season

Devoted - Passionate workers who are committed to our work

With a passion to design pieces that celebrate and uplift women, and a deep love for our customers who have journeyed through seasons of life together with us, our vision is to live life with warmth, love and joy with our community and those around us. We cherish and enjoy each day and its moments, as well as all that life has to offer with its memorable moments. 

To us, The Closet Lover is more than a brand, and we’ve taken the effort to incorporate that into our identity.

Quotation marks form the basis of our emblem. It’s a familiar symbol of everyday speech, and it contains our words and our sentences. They are, to us, a beautiful design element that emphasizes the value we place on communication and relationships with one another. 

They exist in pairs, reminiscent of the two founders and their sisterhood. These quotation marks are abstracted to two human figures, representing the human connection and spirit of the brand.

The beautiful letter L that represents “Lover” in our brand is formed with an infinity-like loop that symbolise the bonds and connections formed within our brand.


Built on the foundation of sisterhood, we strongly value building deep relationships and open communication with those around us. Our customers are our priority through every step of the process, and our pieces are created with the intention to make you look and feel good, always. 

We want you to be effortlessly comfortable in your own skin, and we embrace you for who you are, always.

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