Weekends At Home

Hello ladies!

We hope that everyone has been having a good year so far.

It feels like the new year has just passed, but we are now mid-way through March! Time really flies in the blink of an eye.

With the number of covid cases still in the thousands, many of you may still opt to stay at home over the weekends instead of heading out. We have put together a few styling tips for just that! 

Don’t feel like dressing up? We feel you!
Between comfort and style, we definitely value comfort but if you can have both in a single outfit then why not?

Stay comfy and on point in our Larri Two Way Top which will be launching next Sunday (27/3) in 3 colours!

Get creative and have fun on your end!

If craft work isn't something that is up your alley, how about spending your weekends relaxing at home with a good book? 

Lounge in style with the latest addition to our signature two-way pieces - Eryca Two Way Top.
This breezy top is going to be your new staple and we have it in a variety of colours. No matter if you are a basic lover or if you are looking for a refreshing change in your style, we will have you covered.

You will have the option of the V-neckline that features buttons down the top and the round neckline on the flip side.

It will be launching this coming Sunday (20/3) and is made out of a textured chiffon polyester. It is super comfy and definitely suitable for Singapore's humid weather. Pair it with any comfy shorts and you will have the perfect outfit to lounge around in while still looking stylish and put together.

For the ladies who have no time to relax because of the chores around the house that needs to be done on the weekends, the Eryca Two Way Top would definitely be a good choice for you too. Putting on an outfit that makes you feel happy will definitely put you in a better mood!

Psst... spot a sneak? ;)

Yes! It’s our Adelle Pleated Midi Dress, launching in two new colours - Powder Green and Cream. Some of you may already own this piece in Wine, which was previously launched and can be found here.

Anyway, for the social butterflies, staying home doesn't mean that you have to give up on your social life.

Invite your friends over for a small gathering and catch up over some lunch!

Made of chiffon and featuring accordion pleats all round, this number is sure to keep you stylish without having to compromise on comfort. It is the perfect dress for a lunch party at home and the fact that it is a dress means that you will be able to move freely and eat as much as you want.

Friends suddenly decided to head out to town together? Or do you have plans right after your lunch appointment at home? Maybe you have a dinner event that slipped your mind! Fret not! The Adelle Pleated Midi Dress is dressy enough for you to head out at last minute notice; just slip on and go!

All in all, we hope you ladies will have an awesome weekend, no matter what your plans are. If the activities above do not sound appealing to you, there's always retail therapy! You can come on down to any of our retail outlets to try on these comfy threads for yourself.

However, do take note that the Larri Two Way Top and Adelle Pleated Dress will only be stocked in stores next week on Wednesday (23/3)!

Stay safe and happy always!

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