TCL Goes To Paddy Hills

Mon, 2018-11-26

We're now quickly approaching the end of the year and how best to slow things down than with a team lunch together to relax and take stock of the entire year that has passed by thus far! Today, we bring you along with us, the marketing team here at TCL, for a good lunch at one of our favourite places... Paddy Hills!

If you haven't already heard, Paddy Hills was one of our sponsors for our TCL mobile app launch party and we're glad to be able to take an afternoon down to theirs once again for another meal! (If you'd like to see the amazing food that the team at Paddy Hills has created and prepared for us during our mobile app party, you can read - and taste - it all here.)

The cafe sits along South Buono Vista Road, at the corner of a row of shophouses. Its exterior is quaint but yet modern at the same time. Just before heading into the cafe, the team was thrilled at the huge paintings at the other side of the wall. This is the famous wall where many have come by to take their OOTDs.

The Paddy Hills experience wouldn't be complete without a picture with this wall. So of course, first things first, we had to take our own OOTDs there. 

Here's YP standing happy with this background that will spice up just about any outfit shot! She's wearing our Arden Floral Printed Two Way Top that's just launched on Wednesday in our Style Reverie collection. 

After our pictures, we headed into the cafe and were greeted by the warm ambience of the interior. If you thought the exterior of the cafe was nice, the interior is even prettier! With its very relaxed and chill setting, it's no wonder everyone loves this place - and we can certainly vouch for it! Even without trying the food, the ambience itself is already a reason to come visit Paddy Hills!

We weren't the only ones that day! The cafe, even before lunchtime, already had quite a few customers. Customers came by themselves or in big groups; the customers who came in by themselves were reading books and magazines over their lunch (one was even writing!). And of course, like us, the bigger groups of customers had their tables filled with conversations.

The sounds of these conversations together with the soft music played in the background and the sounds of the drinks being made in the open bar concept right in the middle of the cafe intensified the overall chill vibes of the place. 

Ambience aside, we were looking forward to the extensive range of food and beverages that Paddy Hills has to offer.

We ordered three drinks that day so that we could all try something different! So here, we've got a Iced Latte, a Feels Like Summer (which let us tell you, actually does make you feel as though you're on a summery vacation), and a Bubbly Yuzu which is their most popular cold beverage there.  

The Iced Latte hit all the right notes for a caffeine aficionado. The coffee was aromatic with a nutty taste and the milk balanced everything out for a perfect morning perk-me-up.

Feels Like Summer as living up to its name is most definitely the epitome of summer. You get a taste of summer just in one sip with its citrus-y notes and fizzy sparkles. They've also added popping bubbles to add another dimension to the taste! 

And of course, you have to try the Bubbly Yuzu, the cafe's specialty! 
As the name suggests, the drink does actually come with a mountain of yoghurt bubbles at the top! You can pop them, mix them in your drink, or just eat them just like that - your choices are endless. The bubbles are not only for show, but they also give a good extra touch to the taste of the drink which is features a sweet yuzu taste with sparkles.

(Tip: If you're planning to take pictures for this drink, you're going to have to take it fast as the bubbles do pop by themselves after a while when they are left in the open. You wouldn't want to lose them in your pictures! ;) )

Adding on to the ambience of the cafe, we loved that we had natural light pouring in by the windows. We can totally imagine ourselves spending a free day by the cafe, sipping our drink whilst reading a novel. The comfy setting is not something you can find everywhere!

Here's Steph taking this opportunity to grab a few pictures herself with our recently launched Eunicia Dress in Navy! You can see how the light falls really nicely into the place and gives a nice noon glow into the interior of the cafe! 

In between our conversations, sipping on our drinks, and taking our pictures, we were soon served with our food! 

We ordered a variation of food to try as much of the Paddy Hills menu that we possibly can while only fitting it into three stomachs! YP ordered the Paddy Hills' Big Breakfast, Steph opted for the Ramen Risotto, while Nat chose to have the Seafood Capellini. 

What was special about the food here at Paddy Hills was that they are all very classic and traditional dishes made new. They take old favourites that everyone loves (in this case, we have the traditional English breakfast, Japanese tonkotsu ramen, and seafood pasta) and give their own twist to it to make it uniquely theirs!

YP opted for one of the breakfast options that Paddy Hills offered, and it was a good choice indeed! The Paddy Hills Big Breakfast was a huge plate that consisted of a mesclun salad, scrambled eggs, tater tots, cured salmon, guacamole, maple sausages, Danish toast, and a thick slice of bacon steak. See what we mean by how big it is? ;) 

The bacon steak is definitely the winner of the dish! It is a thick piece of goodness that is both a bit sweet and salty at the same time. Eat that together with the Danish toast and you've got yourself a stellar pairing! 

This dish is perfect for anyone who can't decide what you'd want to eat or simply just wants to eat everything! You've got your veggies, fish, pork, and more all in one plate of goodness! 

It's Steph's second time here at Paddy Hills and she went for what she had before again, the Ramen Risotto. As the name suggests, this popular and well-loved dish is both a mix of ramen and risotto. If you're someone who can't decide what cuisine you'd like to have, this is the dish where East meets the West, where ramen meets risotto and coalesces into a tasty dish for your tastebuds.

The main highlight of the dish is indeed the Kurobuta pork belly that sits atop the bed of risotto rice. This pork is both tasty and tender at the same time; it has a good balance of sweet and other ingredients you can typically find in a bowl of hot Japanese ramen, less the ramen noodles. 

In place of the noodles, Paddy Hills serves theirs with a bed of creamy risotto that is soaked in tonkotsu broth which gives it its flavour. The dish isn't too dry, and is even topped up with soy foam at the top - this dish was indeed a creamy favourite for the team that day! 

Our last dish for the day was the Seafood Capellini. It is a cold pasta dish that is served with small bits of fresh seafood like squid, Hokkaido scallop, and ama ebi. The seafood was all so fresh and it was deliciously cooked up in/with truffle soy. Right from the onset, you'll be able to smell the truffle (calling all truffle lovers out there!) and just one bite of the dish holds an explosion of tastes, we kid you not! 

The plate's presentation itself is aesthetic enough to make you want to dig into the dish right away. They've also sprinkled a few different types of roe that adds bursts of colour on the plate! 

All in all, it was a good and light dish, perfect for all the truffle and seafood lovers out there! What more can you want in a dish! 

We were quickly done with all our food that day; no points to whoever who can guess why! And left with happy and very full stomachs! 

And of course, just before we left, we had to take a picture with the famous wise words on pink neon lights just outside the entrance: Rise And Grind. And rise and grind did we.

Here, Nat is wearing our Anisa Floral Printed Dress that's launching this Sunday at 8.30pm! A dainty floral number that is perfect for a brunch date like this!

If you're looking for somewhere to head to for a nice meal out, a quaint hideout away from the bustling city, Paddy Hills is just the place for you! Not only are you able to enjoy the ambience of the place, but you're also in a for a treat with their delicious array of food and drinks - plus, there are more than enough photo spots for all your #TCLOOTDs to be taken at and for you to have a good time! 


Paddy Hills
38 South Buono Vista Road
Singapore 118164