TCL Christmas Party 2019

Hi ladies! In the blink of an eye, we've once again journeyed into the most wonderful time of the year! As we look back at our accomplishments this year, 2019 has been a really fruitful year for all of us at TCL with a wide array of events and campaigns that are beyond memorable! The highlights include the move to our new office, our recently concluded #dreaxtcl collaboration as well as our exclusive resort collections!

Of course, it has been our honour to put smiles on all of your faces with our co-founders Bree and Bert coming up with new designs that feature style and versatility as well as the different departments for continuously improving your shopping experience! To end this amazing chapter on a good note, it was about time we had our annual TCL Christmas Party!

Every year, our TCL family would gather prior to Christmas to spend time together - that includes both HQ and retail teams! Having different workplaces, it is really hard for both teams to meet face to face during work hours and hence it is always a great opportunity for team bonding during company events! It was really heartwarming to see both familiar and new faces at the celebration where smiles and laughter were exchanged throughout the night!

This year, we chose the rooftop pavilion near our HQ to host our party and kudos to our HR team for decorating it in the spirit of Christmas! With the theme of our party being "Frozen", our staff dressed up in hues of blue and white and the light drizzle before the party really created the semblance of a winter wonderland!

Our beloved co-founders kicked off the party with an address to the staff who have hustled hard all year round and thanked everyone for putting their best foot forward all the time. Teamwork makes the dream work and we can't be more proud to be part of a team that continuously strives for excellence and innovation.

Following that, each member of Team TCL shared an interesting fact about themselves which invoked many laughs due to the candid introductions! It was definitely a memorable experience for both the long-serving employees as well as newcomers to our company to know more about one another.

Of course, every great party comes with delicious food! We were treated to a scrumptious buffet spread including Christmas delicacies such as ham and cheese, as well as local delights!

With our tummies full and hearts warm,  we began the games for the night! It was another round of laughter and screams as our staff competed to assemble a Christmas elf while blindfolded!

We had yet another competitive round of games involving balloons and cups! Everyone had a whale of a time trying to be the fastest group to complete the task and friendships were also forged while working together as teams!

When it comes to Christmas parties, we definitely cannot forget the exchange of gifts! Each and every one of us was allocated a secret Santa and given a budget to prepare a gift for the special someone. It was the perfect way to get to know someone new through the gift exchange and everyone went home with a gift on their own wishlist!  

Finally, we gave out our annual awards to both our HQ and retail team! This year, our awardees included the Fashionista, Bubbliester, Altruist and the Customer Whisperer!

Our fashionistas were none other than Sandy and Eliana from HQ and the retail team respectively! These girls are the walking ambassadors of TCL by donning only TCL apparels almost all the time! As the head of HR, Sandy has shown her interest in making it mandatory for all employees to dress up in TCL during work as "looking good makes you feel good too"!

As for the Bubbliester award, it went to Jocelyn from Marketing! Or as we affectionately call her, Jojo. Always laughing in the office, she never fails to brighten up anyone’s day. Not to forget, Izza from the retail team was also voted the bubbliest, for bringing smiles to everyone’s faces whenever she is at work! Always cracking jokes, she can turn any frown upside down.

When it comes to selfless acts, the first people that come to mind would be Cindy and Sarah! They are always the first to lend a helping hand to those in need which definitely earns them the title of the Altruist! Here's a fun fact: besides taking care of our TCL staff, Cindy is also commonly seen taking care of the plants in our office (perks of having green fingers on top of a big heart!).

If you are a frequent visitor of our retail stores, you would definitely recognise Loraine, who is undoubtedly our Customer Whisperer! She has a penchant for listening to customers and understanding their likes and dislikes due to the many years she has served as a retail staff! Loraine is definitely one of the most outstanding employees we have till date!

Of course, the MVP of the night would be Sarah who dressed up as a troll from the Frozen series! We were definitely floored by her spontaneity with the effort she put in to dress to the theme and were tickled by her bubbly reaction when she was awarded the Best Dressed award for the night!

A big congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to even greater personalities next year!

That wraps up our TCL Christmas Party for the splendid year of 2019! As we close this chapter with a heart full of gratitude, we can't wait to find out what 2020 has planned for us! With every ending comes a new beginning, see you ladies in the new year!

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