One Top, Many Ways

Hello ladies, 

The most anticipated launch is finally here! Introducing the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top, in not one, not two, but 8 gorgeous shades! There's definitely a shade for everyone, but how do we style them with what we already have? Let's dive deep and showcase our favourite ways to wear the Anders Top. 


The padded shoulder top was a big trend in the 90s, from oversized blazers with padded shoulders to even dresses, the padded shoulder look has been around for awhile and we're glad this trend is back! Elevate your look with a simple Padded shoulder detail and match with any bottoms you have. It can also be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Not convinced? Here are our favourite ways to style the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top, yes in all the colours!


1. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Navy

First up, Navy! We love how our co-founder @bertillawong paired the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in navy with some matching striped navy wide legged pants. This look exudes sophistication and is simply effortless, pair with your favourite sunnies and sandals and you're ready for a fun day out!


2. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Dusty Pink

If you're looking for a new neutral shade to rock this Summer, try this muted shade of Dusty Pink! It complements all skin tones, whether you're fair, tan or dark. We've paired it with an upcoming pair of caramel culottes, so stay tuned for more! For the girls who are afraid of stepping into pinks, this gorgeous shade of Dusty Pink is definitely our pick for you!


3. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Sage

Going back to the office? Not sure how to dress for work anymore? Reminiscing WFH comfy outfits? 
(Psst... If you're still working from home, check out our 5 Tops To Get Zoom Ready Guide here, you're welcome!)

If you're struggling to stay comfortable whilst in work appropriate attire, check out this look. We've paired the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Sage with our Rendia Pants in Sage. The light and airy cotton material of the Anders Top also features a slight velvety finish that will remain soft and silky on your skin. Rendia is made from a polyester blend, and features pockets and a high-waisted fit. Both will glide on your body and help you stay comfortable at your desk while looking chic and stylish!

Pair with your favourite blazer and heels and you're ready to conquer the work week ahead. We hope you feel like the girl-boss that you are! 


4. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Caramel

Tank tops with a midi skirt? Who would've thought the contrasting vibes would be such a great pairing? If you're wondering how can a masculine top be mixed with more feminine options, we've got you covered.

Get ready for a shopping date or a fun picnic in this summery look! We love how the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Caramel pairs so well tucked into this beautiful neutral shade of light yellow.

Grab your favourite sneakers and you're ready to seize the day! If you're looking for a dressier option, pair with your favourite strappy heels or espadrilles, a straw bag and some sunnies, we guarantee your friends will be showering you in compliments! ;)


5. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in White

Quick! You're rushing out the door and you don't know what to wear, what should you do? Admit it, we all have those days where time simply just slips away! Here's our solution, a nice top and a pair of jeans. In this case, the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in White

White is an absolute staple in anyone's wardrobe, and thus if we'd have to pick one colour from the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top selection of colours, we'd recommend White!

It's perfect for any season and goes well with any bottoms you have, regardless of colour. Definitely a must-have shade to add to your staples collection! 


6. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Lilac

We know how many of you love your pastel shades, especially Lilac! 

This flattering shade is suitable for many skin tones and if you're looking for an easy way to add colour without being too bold, Lilac is the way to go. It exudes femininity while the Padded Shoulder detail adds an extra touch of confidence and attitude, you go girl! 

Style Tip: We've paired the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Lilac with some wide legged denim trousers and white sneakers for a casual look, but if you are looking for a more unique option, look no further! 

We meant it when we said unique! The Braylon Denim Dungaree in Light Wash is a fun option if you're looking for an easy way to spice up your looks. Not only does this pairing look cute and summer ready, but you're also kept cool, airy and comfortable!


7. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Black

Must we say more about the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Black

Whether you're not feeling your best or slaying the day, this top in Black will definitely be your go-to. Black flatters any skin tone and this oversized silhouette gives the illusion of being slimmer! 

For those days you simply cannot be bothered or want to feel extra confident, this look is definitely for you. We've paired the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Black with our favourite Brooks Pocket Denim Shorts in Light Wash and a black cap for an exciting date at the basketball court! The weather was blazing hot and this look was definitely perfect for it. 

Beauty Tip: Stay youthful and remember to keep your skin protected from the sun with sunblock and hats ladies!


8. Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Moonbeam

If you remember this gorgeous shade of Moonbeam from our Cooper Oversized Shirt, we're so excited to bring it back on Anders! For all our neutral lovers, this is for you.

We've paired it with the Ethan Denim Shorts in Sage that is also launching this Sunday (4/7), and we are head over heels with this colour pairing! Neutrals on neutrals? Simply perfect for any occasion! We're guessing this might be a hot favourite, but let us know what's your colour pick in the comments!


If you're a basics lover, good luck in resisting the Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in all the beautiful shades, launching this Sunday (4/7) at 8.30pm. We hope regardless of which colour you choose, we've helped create a staple piece with long mileage in your wardrobe to help you get dressed for every occasion. Look sophisticated, chic with no effort required!

 Don’t forget to tag us (@theclosetlover, @theclosetlover.malaysia, #tclootd) so that we can see how stylish and amazing you look in Anders! We would love to check out your colour picks as well ;)

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