It's A Set!

Love a print or a colour so much that you just want to wear it from head to toe?
We've got a treat for you this week as we share how you can look glam and stylish in the same set! 

People always think that wearing the same print or colour from top to bottom is risky. And the truth is, it does take a little bit of guts! There's a misconception that only the truly bold and stylish can pull such a look off, or that you have to be a certain body type to do so! Some say it's "too much" to be dressed in the same print, while others think dressing in the same colour will overpower your natural glow out.

Today, we bump those myths and share how dressing in the same prints and/or colour can actually work for anyone! With the right styling combination and extra accessories, these sets can actually flatter your body and amp up your look! All you need is that little bit of boldness and courage in you to rock on these perfect looks! 

So read on and get ready to style up! It is time for us to be bold and confident, ladies!

1. Renata Knitted Set

Our Renata High Collar Top and Renata Knitted Midi Skirt make a perfect pair! Not only are the two made of knit as the names suggest, but they are also in pretty hues made for the perfect colour combination! Here, Cassandra (@cforcassan) wears the set in forest. This set is also available in nude and grey if you are looking for something softer and more neutral.

If you've read our blog post about dressing to your skin undertones, you will know that forest is a great option for those who have a warmer skin undertone, the grey for those who have a cooler skin undertone, and of course, the nude for those who have a neutral skin undertone. There is something for everyone, no matter what skin undertone category you fall under! 

This set is great for the colder climate and flatters your body all around. The ribbed details give an added allusion of an elongated frame, making you tall and slim - just about everything a woman can want! You can style it differently when you tuck the top into the skirt, making it seem as though it is a one-piece number, or when you tuck it out. This Renata set makes for a put together outfit that is simply winter perfect! 

2. Erika Stripes Set

This is a favourite summery piece that is both bright and bold. Our Erika Stripes Top and Erika Stripes Culottes together make a winning pair! In this shade of pink, you're sure to bring a little bit of fun and cheeriness wherever you go! These diagonal stripes add to the whole fun vibe that the outfit exudes. Sure, you can wear it separately with another top or bottom, but where's the fun in that? 

Both the top and culottes are lightweight and perfect for the heat of summer, and you can style the set easily with basic accessories. Choose a bag and a pair of shoes that share the same colour as the Erika print (think: pink, black, or white) - and you'll easily be able to pull this adventurous look off and make a fashion statement at the same time! Here, co-founder Bert has worn the set with a simple pair of flats to balance the
patterns of her outfit. 

3. Merlane Set

Opt for our Merlane Peplum Top and Merlane Culottes to achieve a basic paired set! This set is available in two neutral shades - Cream and Honey - and is just right for anyone who prefers a simple outfit! Even though the overall look can seem loose-fitting, the peplum cut accentuates your waist to give more shape to your figure while still hiding your tummy. The top also features an asymmetrical overlay to give an added detail to this basic look! 

Style this set up with a pair of heels for a dressier look as we have done here, or choose to pair it with a pair of simple sliders to achieve a laid-back and fuss-free outfit for your off-duty days. Let the feminine vibes and sweet hues of our Merlane set speak for itself!


And of course, if you prefer to take things slow and start with something less adventurous, here are two styling options you can consider to still rock that sameness in your outfit while not having to be particularly outstanding and bold! 

Style Tip #1: Scrap the set, but keep the colours!

One styling option you can consider if you want to stay on the safe side yet be in a perfect match is to wear the same colour from different numbers just as co-founder Bert has done here. She has matched our Florencia Top in White with our Emily Tiered Shorts in White to create the ultimate white outfit. It is simple while still exuding the feminine grace and sweetness through the soft shape of the two threads put together. Although the two items are not a set, they fit well together and will give an instant glow to your skin! 

If you're in need of a little colour, glam up your look with some accessories to add something fun to your outfit for extra sophistication and style! 

Style Tip #2: Keep the set, but add in more colours to balance it off!

Another option you can play around with when styling in the same print or colour is to add an extra colour to balance off the overall look! Here's Elizabeth (@leeqiaoer) in our Portia Checkered Blazer in Pink and our Portia Checkered Skorts in Pink (also available in navy!). Although the blazer and the skorts are a matching set that features the same lovely and sweet pink checkered print, the added white top she's worn inside helps to lessen the intensity of the print. This is especially great for any of our blazer and bottom sets whereby you can add a top of your choice to create different styles and bask in the versatility of the set as a whole!

Play around with different inner layers and colours to create versatile outfits and change the personality of your entire look just with one item! 


Dressing up in the same colour or print is actually not that difficult once you've figured out what you're comfortable with and what suits you the most! Go for the matching set if you consider yourself a tad bit more adventurous and bold, or go for a more muted match with our style tips. The possibilities are endless with these charming numbers! There's no need to be afraid of not being able to pull these full prints and colours off; simply find a style that suits you and be bold and confident in what you wear! Your perfect matched style awaits! 

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