Dressing To Your Skin Undertones

"The joy of dressing is an art." - John Galliano

We understand the long daily dilemma of having to dress up everyday dependent on your occasion and your mood. There are so many factors that will determine your final outfit choices. In our style read today, we discuss one of these factors that will play a part in helping you choose your outfits for the day quicker: it's all about your skin undertones! Knowing your skin undertone is a great way to keep these dressing woes at bay.

There are 3 main skin undertones - warm, cool, and neutral. Here's a simple test to find out which category you belong to.
Thereafter, delve into the different styles that we have shortlisted to find out what suits you best!

What Colour Are Your Veins?
Stand under a bright or natural light and take a look at the underside of your wrist. If your veins appear to be more blue or purple, you fall under the cool undertones category. If you see green veins, you fall under the warm undertones category. Should you happen to see both, you belong to the neutral undertones’ category.

The Jewellery Test
Next, to further understand your undertone, don gold or silver jewellery to see which looks best on your skin. Gold jewellery looks best on warm skin undertones and silvers on cool skin undertones. If both colours suit you, you fall under the neutral
skin undertone category.

Do You Get Tanned Easily?
How easily you get tanned after a day under the sun also speaks volume of your skin undertones. Those who get tanned but red under the sun tend to have a warmer skin undertone while those who get rosy but not tan easily tend to have a cooler skin undertone. And, of course, if you can relate to both, you are a neutral.


If You Are Warm-Toned:
As a golden rule (pun intended) for all of you who have warm skin undertones, always stay close to nature! In other words, the colours that flatter your skin the most are the ones that can be found in nature's colours. This includes greens, oranges, yellows, reds, browns, and anything in between! Let nature be your palette!

While these colours are strong and bold, you can always opt for similar shades for a more subtle colour choice. Go for pink hues instead of a bright shade of red, olive instead of a loud tinge of green. So long as the colours belong to the same family, they will enhance your overall look! 

A note to all with warmer skin undertones, refrain from wearing colours with a blue undertone. Colours like blue or grey can easily wash your skin out and dull your look!

1. Merlane Peplum Top in Honey

Our Merlane Peplum Top in Honey is a mix of brown, orange, and white tones! The shade of honey will easily match your warm-toned skin and give your skin an instant glow. It is a perfect fuss-free top that can match almost anything in your wardrobe. The asymmetrical ruffle overlay of the top will also lend an elegant touch to your overall look! Available with matching culottes that can be matched together as a set. Also available in cream.

2. Vernna Linen Skorts in Ruby Wine

This skorts is an eye-catcher and is for anyone who wants to make a statement! The dark red hues of this pair of skorts will contrast nicely against the warm tones of your skin. Our Vernna Linen Skorts features a wrap skirt overlay that comes with inner shorts.
The lightweight linen material makes this skorts a comfortable and breezy wear, perfect for your off-duty days and for your weekends! Also available in white.

3. Konie Polka Dotted Midi Ruffled Dress in Mustard

This mustard shade fits your warm undertone perfectly! Not only will it give your skin a perfect golden glow, it will also exude a good burst of colour to your outfit! Our Konie Polka Dotted Midi Ruffled Dress also comes with a sweet ruffled overlay at the front, giving the dress some added feminine details. Don’t miss out on adding this fun and cheerful outfit that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Also available in pink.

If You Are Cool-Toned:
If you are under the cool skin undertone category, you have a pink or rosy undertone. Your colour spectrum leans towards the ocean shades such as sky blue, seafoam green and wintery pastelish shades like lilac, icy blue and light pinks. However, do steer clear of colours like bright orange and yellow as they can wash you out.

1. Avalyn Ruffled Sleeve Top in Pink

Our Avalyn Ruffled Sleeve Top in Pink is in a soft shade of pink, which complements the pink rosy skin undertones you have. What we love about this number is its ruffle sleeve details, which adds a touch of femininity to your look. Such a versatile top like this can easily be paired with a pencil skirt to make it a work-appropriate outfit as well! We are also loving this top for its breathable chiffon polyester material, just perfect to battle the summer's heat! Also available in white.

2. Emily Tiered Shorts in Powder Blue

Blues are always an option for you if you have a cooler skin undertone. Our Emily Tiered Shorts features a light powder blue that helps brighten your skin. The tiered layers and the slight flare cut of the shorts make it a fun yet elegant piece. Pair it with a simple top and let the feminine details and colour of the top speak for itself. Also available in white.

3. Isabella Floral Printed Jumpsuit

Our Isabella Floral Printed Jumpsuit features various shades of blue on a white base. Similar to the Emily Tiered Shorts in Powder Blue, the blues on the jumpsuit will make your skin shine. This is perfect for you if you want to stay simple with the white base, but also want to add a little bit of blue detail to your look to match your skin undertone. This jumpsuit comes with a dainty foliage piece which is suitable for special occasions. With its additional halter neck detail and ruffle overlay, this jumpsuit gives the allusion of a taller frame, and looks like a two-piece set! This print is also available as a midi dress, top, and culottes.

If you are neutral-toned:
If you find it hard to distinguish which skin undertone you belong to, it might be because you are a mix of both! You have a neutral skin undertone, a blend of both the warm and cool tones! Most colours flatter you and you are able to pull off almost any colour!

But of course, there are still shades that you have to keep at bay… One tip for all you neutrals is to try not to go for too bright or vibrant colours as this will overpower your skin tone! As a general rule, opt for light or dusty shades of your favourite colours from both the warm and cool skin undertone list. Your colour choices are endless if you stick with this rule of thumb!

1. Evanie Top in Pink

Our Evanie Top is in a gorgeous muted pink, perfect for all the red-lovers out there! This pink shade is soft enough to match the cooler blends of your skin but it is also in a warm skin undertone hue that brightens your outfit up. Our Evanie Top, in particular, features thin straps and is made of a comfortable and soft polyester blend. It is fully lined, allowing you to wear it and go about your day without much thought. Matching it with a pair of white culottes or jeans will help to make the pink stand out too! Also available in navy.

2. Joie Slit Culottes in White

Speaking of white, white is always a great choice for neutrals! White is easy to match with everything and anything (with our Evanie Top especially!), and it is a safe choice for both ends of the skin undertone colour spectrum. Our Joie Slit Culottes in White features hidden front slits that flatter your body. Worn high waist, it is a perfect match with cropped tops! Also available in navy and light pink

3. Maida Denim Dress

Denims are everyone’s favourites! And the good thing is, they work well for individuals with neutral skin undertones! Our Maida Denim Dress is a classic and timeless piece. It features flared sleeves that add a bit more dimension to your outfit as well as a wrap detail at the waist. Our Maida Denim Dress will give you the confidence that you need for both your 9-5 days or your off-duty days, and is perfect for styling up or down! It also comes with a detachable sash which makes the dress even more versatile. Whether you want that extra looseness or accentuation at your waist, it’s your choice!


Ultimately, while we now know our skin undertones all a little bit better and we know the colours that we look good in and the colours to avoid, these are just guidelines!

Make a mental note of the shades that suit you but do not be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. Beyond the warm, cool, or neutral skin undertones, there lies a whole spectrum of colours as well! And perhaps, it is in this spectrum of colours that we can remember our uniqueness in our beauty - that no one else has the exact same skin undertone as we do, and we are all made different and special.

So, explore the colours of your wardrobe and find out which shades look best on you!
Happy shopping, ladies!

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