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Hi ladies, happy TGIF!

We’ve all been through the routine of trying to decide what to wear for the week and rushing in the mornings to choose that perfect outfit for the day. But definitely, you must have experienced being in a style rut every once in a while.  

If you've felt that loss of style inspiration and have simply no idea how to spice up your outfit, don't worry because we are here to help! Let us be your personal outfit planner for a week. In this post, our team picked out 7 sets of outfits that will let you breeze through the week in style.

Work Mondays

For most of you working ladies, it’s back to work again on Mondays and we're sure that your mind is still lingering over the all the fun you've had over the weekends. But we are here to make it all better and help chase away those Monday blues. Dress to impress on the first day of the week and start the week right and bright with our Avana Midi Dress!


Our Avana Midi Dress is the perfect ensemble for Mondays. Waste no time on Monday mornings thinking of how to match your separates. Just slip on this dress and achieve that effortless yet stylish look! The high cinched waistline of the midi dress emphasises your figure in just the right places as well. Pair it with minimalist heels and statement earrings and you’re all set for the day!

Sweet Tuesdays

Making it through Monday is a great feat and we are onto the 2nd day of the week. We’ve prepared a sweet look for Tuesday for that extra boost of energy to get through the day! As they say, look good and feel good! 


Exude sweet charms with our Hale Rosette Top in Cream featuring rosette motifs! This unique top is a definite style statement in itself with its texture that is one-of-a-kind! Top off that look with our Baylene Pants in Sage and enter a pastoral mood with this soft and sweet coordinate. Amp up your look with pearl earrings and block heels!

Off-duty Wednesdays

It’s mid-week and we are all ready to unwind and chillax to conserve energy for the rest of the week. So, after much thought, we have picked out a get-up that is suitable for both work and play.


  Our Irelyn Top in Daffodil is the perfect top for work with its square neckline and slightly puffed sleeves for that sharp and polished look. Match it with our Yanet Midi Skirt in White featuring colourful heart embroideries all around for your off-duty Wednesdays. For extra details, go with wooden earrings!

Prints Thursdays

On Thursdays, we wear prints! Yes, that’s what we recommend with our Amalia Peplum Top – it’s simple but at the same time you will look very put together if you pair it right!

Our Amelia Peplum Top features dainty floral prints with an empire waist that accentuates one’s waistline. We say this is the piece! Simply pair it with our Ruth Culottes in White to pull off the look! Go with acrylic earrings and any white flats for this look. There you have it - a look that shows off the perfect balance between prints and solids.

Date Fridays

The day that we all have been looking forward to is finally here! It’s the last day of the week and we are more than ready for date night Fridays or TGIF Day. The time to reward ourselves for our hard work during the week is here and nothing’s better than with our Lauryn Midi Dress in Plum (upcoming!). We particularly love the sweet florals that’s sure to radiate feminine vibes! Pair it off with stilettos and gold earrings as you transit your look for your Friday night out!


Fun Saturdays

Enter the weekends – the time to sleep in, catch up on that drama you have been missing out on and just have fun meeting up with friends or family! We’ve planned our Thalia Two-Way Dress in Sunset just for a fun Saturday out!


With our signature duo neckline feature, this dress is anything but ordinary. The print comes in Sunrise and Sunset, and features the vibrant setting of the sun against the horizons. Feel energised and refreshed with this number in our exclusive print. This versatile number is suitable for any occasion - be it a family gathering or a casual meet-up with friends. Slip on a pair of sliders for extra comfort and you’re ready to go!

Brunch Sundays

Sunday is brunch day! Go for that all-day breakfast set and get a caffeine fix at your favourite café in our Serrica Button Dress in Dandelion! The remake of our all-time popular Sanna Floral Printed Slip Dress is sure to make your day better with its feminine florals. Enjoy your brunch Sundays and get yourself recharged for week ahead!



That’s the end of our planned outfits for the week. We hope you ladies have enjoyed this special feature!  Do let us know in the comments below if you would like to share your thoughts about outfits for the week or would like for us to have more weekly updates about outfits for the week! We are more than happy to share them with you!

P.S. Some of the featured items will be launching later this month. Be sure to look out for updates on our socials!

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