Warm? Cool? Or Neutral?

Thu, 2021-07-15

Hello ladies! 

We know that deciding what to wear is hard enough, but figuring out which colours look best on us is even harder at times. But don’t worry because, in this style feature, we’re going to break it down for you and to find out which colours will compliment you!

First things first: Take a peek at your nail bed. Does the tone tend to appear more reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peachy or yellow-gold?

1. Warm Tone

If your nail bed is peachy or yellow-gold then you fall into the warm tone category! Your skin tends to have golden or warm yellow undertones and skin can be medium with yellow undertones, pale peach or dark. 

Best colours to wear with warm undertones

Fiery reds, oranges, rusty tones, creams, caramels, and all things earth tones will compliment and bring out the best in you. If you love cool hues, opt for warmer versions of the cool colour families like olive, fuchsia , violet and orchid.

If you are looking for the perfect fiery red shade, you can try our Flenda Dotted Smocked Top in Wine. It's perfect for all your zoom meetings to heading out for a last-minute date or catch up with the girls. 

It’s time to 'pleat' up your wardrobe with this stylish number. Our Ristelle Two Way Pleated Top in Wisteria is in a gorgeous shade of pink. If you are into cooler hues, you can opt for this top that is a warmer shade of fuchsia.

2. Cool Tone

If your nail bed is reddish, pink or blue-toned, you fall into the cool tone category! Your skin tends to have blue, red or pink undertones and your skin can be pale white, olive or dark.

Best colours to wear with cool undertones

Sky blues, cobalt, frosty purples, emerald greens, light grassy tones and anything pastel are colours that will make you shine. However, If you like to wear warmer colours, try lipstick reds or super-pale yellows. Avoid palettes that are too orange or bright yellow—they’ll overpower you.

A classic T-shirt can only be reinvented in so many ways, but lo and behold, there’s a new top that warrants your attention, and trust us when we say that it’s the perfect piece for our hot and humid weather. It is our Anders Padded Shoulder Tank Top in Lilac.

Your new go-to basic staple whenever you're in a hurry or for days when you need that extra boost of confidence to feel like a girl boss. ;) There are many ways that you can play up your look with this padded tank and here we have done it with our Braylon Denim Dungaree.

Next up, we have our Brea Stripes Knitted Top in Sky Blue. Say goodbye to your traditional T-shirt and let us welcome knitted tops. Knitted tops are such simple wardrobe staples and as the weather heats up, we're more likely to reach out for these showstoppers. Brea has been a cult favourite and we can totally understand why - the soft knit promises comfort and the style is absolutely timeless.

And of course, there are always exceptions to the colour tone rules we have shared above and the most important thing right here is that for you to feel amazing in your clothes! At the end of the day, it is important to feel good and amazing in the fit that you are in. 


With that, we have come to the end of today’s feature. We hope you leave this article knowing better what colours compliment you and what new colours you may wish to explore or include in your wardrobe. Share with us in the comments below, which colours you will be adding to your wardrobe.

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