Together Or Apart

Happy October ladies! Honestly, where is the time going?

We hope everyone has been staying safe and well, especially with the new restrictions. Though the journey seems to never end, let's be hopeful that better days are ahead for all of us.

We're kickstarting October off with a bang with some super cute matching sets! We know many of you love your versatile pieces, and so do we! Whether it's trying out different colour palettes or a new style altogether, we hope that you are as excited about this launch as we are!

Though matching sets make our lives so much easier, we want to introduce different styling options so your pieces have more mileage in your wardrobe.

Sit tight and let us see what we can come up with!


All Dressed Up Or Out For An Adventure?

Does this top look familiar? If you guessed Lida, you are absolutely right!
This top was inspired by Lida and we thought it looks way cuter with the checkered print.

Introducing the Marelle Checkered Knitted Button Tops! Available in two flattering shades of Mocha and Lilac, it's made from a knitted fabric with stretch, so you get stay comfy all day.

For the ladies who enjoy being dressed up, pair the Marelle Checkered Knitted Button Top in Mocha with the matching Marelle Checkered Knitted Skirt in Mocha. You'll look so put together, yet it took you absolutely no effort!

For the ladies who prefer a wearable, everyday look, you can consider pairing with the Erynn Denim Culottes in Light Wash that's also launching this week. Pair with your favourite slides or sneakers and you're ready for a day out. Should you prefer a unique and fun look, we've also paired Marelle with an upcoming pair of dungarees!

Plenty of styling options, wouldn't you agree? ;)

Hot Or Cold?

Do you spot another familiar item? That's right, this tank top is also another inspired piece from our ever-so-popular Brea Knitted Top! Featuring the iconic straight neckline and the knitted fabric that everyone loves, it's now got new prints and colours! The Marelle Checkered Knitted Crop Top comes in both Mocha and Lilac to matching the other pieces in this series.

Whether it's a hot summer day or a cold rainy day, the Marelle Checkered Knitted Crop Top is easy to grab and go. Pair with the Erynn Denim Culottes in Dark Wash for a day out in the sun, or try out the matching Marelle Checkered Cardigan and Marelle Checkered Knitted Skirt for extra sophistication.

Can a top be any more perfect than this? ;)

Double Denim Or Not?

Are you a fan of double denim? We've made the Erynn Denim Shirt in Dark Wash and the Erynn Denim Culottes in Dark Wash just for you! Made from the same soft cotton polyester, we love how this look exudes effortless and chic vibes. It also looks like a full jumpsuit from the front, since both are made from the same material and denim wash.

For the ladies who aren't into double denim, fret not! The Erynn Denim Shirt in Dark Wash can be easily paired with your everyday outfits as well. Whether it's throwing over a full monochrome look with the sleeves rolled up as we have done, or wearing it buttoned up with a skirt, the choices are endless!

Modern Or Vintage Chic?

What's your go-to style? Are you more classy and modern, or love playing around with vintage elements? Well, the Marelle Checkered Knitted Skirt is perfect for both styles!

Available in Lilac and Mocha, this knitted skirt is spot-on for anyone who's looking to inject a little colour into their wardrobe without being too loud. If you prefer a modern look, pair with a simple white tank top and you'll feel chic in no time! If you prefer being a little quirkier, pair with your favourite tee, a bucket hat and a pair of trendy loafers.

Psst ... We're launching the bucket hat really soon, keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Light Or Dark Wash?

It's been raining a lot more than usual lately so we hope you ladies have been keeping warm! We've got two looks perfect for any occasion that will definitely keep the chills away. 

For the ladies who love mixing and matching with colour, you could try matching the Poppy Button Top in Blue with the Erynn Denim Culottes in Dark Wash. We love how the dark wash allows the colours of the top to pop, giving a fun and happy vibe!

If you're not into colours and prefer neutrals, try pairing the Erynn Denim Culottes in Light Wash with your favourite short sleeve blazer for a smart yet casual look. Dress it up even more by adding your favourite accessories and your favourite heels. You're ready for a night out!
(Blazer is upcoming, we got you!)

Whether it's light or dark wash, the Erynn Denim Culottes is a must-have for any wardrobe. Not only is it a bottom that is suitable for petites and non-petites alike, you're sure to fall in love with its comfortable material and fit that's great for any occasion.


Have we got you excited about this week's launch? We hope we have!
If you're curious about the measurements and would like to see more visuals, check out our lookbook here or our brand new First Look tab, where you get to check out the products before the launch.
P.S. Measurements and in-store availability can be checked from there too!

Stay safe and happy always ladies, we'll catch you soon! :-)

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