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Hi ladies,

We are sure that many of you have at some point in time throughout your shopping journey have had this question in mind: "Fashion and comfort - can we really have it all?".

In this modern world where life is fast-paced and hectic, there needs to be another avenue through which we can relax, slow down and feel good about ourselves. And there's nothing like looking good and feeling good in comfy coordinates to make it all better. 

One of the trending fabrics - for the longest time actually - fits the above to a tee. Linen brings about an emotion that is reminiscent of comfort. The lightweight nature of the fabric is just one of its many plus points. It is also breathable, making it great for our hot, sunny climate. 

For today, let us place a focus on this fabric favourite as we gather a series of linen pieces from our collections to share with you.

First up, the linen pieces that you will love and they are coming your way online this Sunday (19 July) at 8.30pm. A heads-up for those who want to get first dibs on this collection: our Rustic Maison collection is already available in stores so do check it out! 

Finnea Linen Top & Finnea Linen Pants 

Feeling dressy? You can go for this set of coordinate featuring prints which is the perfect combination for a fuss-free look. Embrace comfort with this linen set and look good at the same time. We love how a two-piece set always saves us the hassle of having to mix and match. Don the full set to achieve a pseudo jumpsuit effect. To complete the look, we recommend matching it with wooden earrings and simple nude block heels. Top it off with a cream coloured bag to complement the earthy tones of this outfit and you are all set to go.

If you feel that a whole set of prints is not your style, you can simply pair it with another neutral coloured linen bottom for a slightly more casual vibe. Mix and match and experiment around to see which style suits you the best! ;)

Brook Linen Dress 

Looking for something more basic? Here's our Brook Linen Dress, a favourite of our co-founder Bert during her pregnancy and even after. We love outfits that will accompany us through the seasons and this is one golden number that does just that! As it is a loose-fitting piece that is not restrictive at the waist, this dress will definitely be able to house your bump. Hence, for all mummies-to-be, this is the perfect number for you!

On regular days, this outfit is extremely versatile as well given its relatively simple design. Let your unique style shine through your choice of styling.
If you are going for a more off-duty look, slide on a pair of white sliders to go with the dress along with any of your favourite basket bags.
On the other hand, for a more elevated look, match our Brook Linen Dress with wood accent earrings or gold earrings and block heels.

Our Brook Linen Dress comes in 3 different hues that are versatile and easy to match: Moonbeam, Olive and Navy.

Cailla Linen Midi Dress 

A linen number that radiates summer vibes with its tropical prints and asymmetrical hems. The wrap design of this breezy and comfy number is suitable for ladies who are slightly heavier around the midsection area. The piece cinches at the waist and the unique asymmetrical hems brings the attention away from the hips section. It does the perfect job of concealing your insecurities and accentuating your best features.

Our Cailla Linen Midi Dress also comes with a self-tie detail at the front and is available in Black as well. Achieve that sunshine look by matching it with any basket or weaved bag along with white floral earrings and sandals as seen on our co-founder, Bree!


Erin Two Way Linen Top 

Think of TCL and our signature two-way styles will most likely come to mind.

Here is one of our all-time favourite Erin Two Way Linen Top. For you ladies who do not yet own this piece, here's your chance to add it to your collection of linens. Be spoilt for choice with the different unique shades available: Maple Brown, Ash Lilac, Forest and Wheat.

If you were to ask us to choose our favourite colour, we honestly can't decide as each shade is unique in its own ways. For lighter colours such as Ash Lilac and Maple Brown, pair it with any white bottoms to complement the look. For darker shades like Forest, you can opt for neutral colours such as khaki or denims.

These basic two-way numbers add on versatility to your style and it is also a great way to pair with printed bottoms. Need a tip on how to style different colours of this top? One golden tip will be for you to coordinate the look by going with a print that consists shards of the same colour tone as the top!

Here you have it, a feature focusing just on one of our go-to fabrics during this season! If you would like to check out more linen pieces, we have specially curated a collection here just for you. Don't forget to catch our upcoming Rustic Maison collection this Sunday (19 July) at 8.30pm. 


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