The "IT" Top

As the month draws to an end, we hope everyone has been settling into the norm of working and playing from home.
We know that things have been getting dreary but let's continue to keep our heads high and our hopes up as we continue to battle against our circumstances. 

With the ongoing new normal here, we know that you must be looking for versatile pieces that will be able to serve its purpose both for work and for play. It has to be able to be worn for your quick zoom meetings and yet, be easy for you to transit into getting out of the house for a quick grocery run. And of course, extra points if you manage to look stylish and right on point for every single occasion. 

Think that this outfit doesn't exist because it sounds too perfect to be true?
Well, think again because we are about to prove you wrong!

Tova Two Way Top in Moonbeam

Here's our Tova Two Way Top - launching online this coming Sunday (1/8), 8.30pm in 9 gorgeous hues. 
We have this top in a mix of fun, summery shades as well as basic hues so you can have a good mix of colours that you can experiment with! 

To start off, let's go with the basic colours - White, Black, Grey, Navy
These are the shades that are staple in every wardrobe. We promise that you will never go wrong with any pair of bottoms you may own in your wardrobe and here are just a few examples. 

Tova Two Way Top in GreyTova Two Way Top in Black
Tova Two Way Top in WhiteTova Two Way Top in Navy

One tip if you wish to keep everything basic - a white bottom will nail the look.
We love our Ethan Denim Shorts in White in this case because you can go for an all-white look right here or ace it with a colourblock look.

And of course, if you are game for it, layer up with a fun shade to spice up your look.
We recommend our upcoming Harley Textured Cardigan but you can always explore your options with our Cooper Oversized Linen Shirt or Eden Cardigans. The fun about such basic getups is that the styling can really be endless.

Tova Two Way Top in Coral

Now that we are done introducing how basic Tova can be, let us move on to sharing just how unconventional Tova potentially could be. ;)

The unconventional hues are getting us excited and we hope you ladies are loving these colours as much as we do.
We have a lovely pop of colour here named Coral and instead of donning it just as a regular top, we decided to go with our favourite Braylon Denim Dungaree.

Time to channel little bit of summer fun and a touch of playful vibes to your look!

 Tova Two Way Top in Moonbeam

Continuing with the playful streak here, we styled our Tova Two Way Top in Moonbeam with our upcoming Harley Textured Cardigan in Taupe and Keeren Cropped Jeans in Lilac.

This look has the potential for you to go neutral but we thought - why remain basic when you could be more? :P
Opting for a louder colour for the bottom is all it takes for you to stand out a little, while still remaining all comfy and stylish!

Tova Two Way Top in Latte

Here we have co-founder, Bree who is donning our Tova Two Way Top in Latte and Keeren Cropped Jeans in Blue.
With the recent sweltering heat we have here, one tip we have to share: throw on your cardis the way Bree did for an extra touch of style.

Slip on your favourite pair of sneakers and bucket hat.
We's say you're all ready to hit the streets.

Tova Two Way Top in LatteTova Two Way Top in Lavender
Left: Tova Two Way Top in Latte
Right: Tova Two Way Top in Lavender

If you're someone in search for a no-fuss look, Tova still does it right because you can wear it simply as it is.
Plus point with the duo neckline that you can choose from. This signature style that we have incorporated in so many of our basics was conceptualised because we wanted to give you ladies extra mileage in all your looks!

No matter whether you choose to pair it with your favourite denim bottom or midi skirt, we trust that you'll look perfect!
So just go ahead and flaunt your style, your own way!


We hope you ladies managed to get some style inspiration from this post.
Tova Two Way Top has already been stocked in at all local retail stores and will be available online from 1/8, 8.30pm onwards. Gold members, your early shopping access will begin at 8pm on 1/8 so set those alarms and start getting excited!

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