TCL Retreat 2019

Hello ladies!

We hope that the week has treated you well!
For us here at TCL, the team is definitely recharged after our annual retreat.
This year, we headed to Penang for 3D2N and it was a trip that got all of us excited!

Familiar faces to you ladies perhaps? (:

These are faces which you may have spotted if you shop with us over at our retail stores.

Our graphic designers, whom you do not often see in front of the camera lens.

But they are the ones behind most of the creatives that you see both online and offline!

A mandatory team shot for us all before we board the plane.

After landing in Penang, we took a short bus ride and arrived in Georgetown.

Our team opted for this heritage house for our lodging, which proved to be a great choice because not only did the environment turned out cosy, it was also extremely convenient.

We were situated in the heart of all the hustle and bustle and there was no lack in activities and places for us to do and visit.

A sneak peek at one of our attic rooms, which ended up being a gathering spot for majority of us as we played games and chatted over the next couple of nights.

We quickly freshened up and proceeded with all the activities planned for the team.
With the retreat planned for us to get together and get to know each other more, team bonding activities were on the list. The retreat was also a time that co-founders, Bree and Bert, could spend quality time with us all amidst their busy schedules.

First up, a short and simple sharing session where we had to envision a magazine cover for TCL.
The activity was simple. But through this short brainstorming session, it wasn't hard to realise that all of us had visions for TCL. Albeit the slight differences, we could all feel that the team were all dedicated to the view that TCL can be more than what it is and it is a goal that we are all striving towards.

It was a sharing session that had no lack of laughters and fun.

It was also heartwarming to know how we all felt towards the organisation.

And of course, no TCL trip is complete without a #TCLOOTD!

Here's one of our retail staff all decked out in TCL outfits!
Do you spot any of your favourites here? ;)

And of course, when in Penang, we had to try out all the local delicacies.

While there was an abundance of cafes around the area, we headed straight to the local street stalls and we were greeted with a plethora of local delights.

With dinner, we ended our day. But given that it was a rare occasion for us to have time spent together outside of work, we had little HTHT sessions and games going on around the house before we turned in for the night.

Day 2 was the highlight planned for the trip and it was a food hunt!

Yes, as the name suggests, we had to navigate around Penang to find some of their monumental murals, art pieces and food.

We were split into 2 groups and it was a race against time to see which team could check off more tasks off their list!

Here's Chew Jetty - A place that has seemingly stopped in the tracks of time. The place was reminiscent of the times in the 1960s - 1970s. Walking down the wooden planks and watching the residents' daily activities gave us all fresh insights to Penang.

One of our favourite tasks - Try out an ice ball!

This snack is rarely seen in Singapore but it is a simple one; an ice ball drenched in colourful syrup with a flavour of your choice.

Given the sweltering weather that day, this was definitely a refreshing experience for us all.

We also had no lack of #TCLOOTDs snapped as we toured the space. There were plentiful of scenic spots in the area. Here we have Kah Men and Clari in our Halina Floral Printed Dress and Ralia Baroque Printed Midi Dress respectively!

The trip may have been a short one but it was no lack of fun and all of us created wonderful memories with one another! So here's team TCL for you, all recharged and ready for the year ahead!

Till the next, ladies!

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