TCL CNY 2020 Gathering!

Hello ladies!

How has your CNY celebrations been thus far? 
We are well into the midst of the celebrations and for our team, we had a slightly longer break than most - to rest and recharge after the hectic period as well to prepare for the brand new year ahead. 

Of course, we also took this chance for a get-together for our team. As shared before, such opportunities for a team gathering are rare especially when we have a growing team who's often caught up with different tasks at hand! Nonetheless, we made it happen and it was a night of simple joy and fun as we took the chance to catch up with each other without the worries of work!

We got the gathering rolling with our co-founders, Bree and Bert!
It was a lighthearted and heartfelt moment as both of them said their thanks to all the different teams for all the hard work that has been put in not just during our CNY period, but throughout the entire year!

Indeed, it has been a great 2019 for TCL and we can't wait to unveil more plans that we have in store for you ladies come 2020. It's gonna be real exciting, we promise! ;)

Moving on to the traditional part of all TCL CNY gatherings! The entire team took our turns to 拜年 to both Bree and Bert! Our non-Chinese girls even took the time to learn some congratulatory wishing just for this so speak about efforts!

This has been a yearly tradition for our team at our CNY gatherings and one of the sweetest things we all look forward to would be the handwritten notes that both co-founders would prepare for everyone! That's a lovely gesture that we have all come to love and appreciate.

The longest lohei of TCL history!

For those who do not know, Lohei or otherwise known as the prosperity toss is a tradition observed during the Lunar New Year. You will typically see a group of people who will be tossing the food contents around a huge plate, all while saying auspicious phrases and blessings for the new year.

It is also believed that the higher you toss the food content, the better your prospects will be!
A fun and messy occasion that adds on to the joyous vibes, we'd say! ;)

So this year, with a growing team, we did away with the plates and went for a long table lohei!

Moments in between dinner and our girls wouldn't give up any chances for pictures together!
Many of us who arrived earlier actually went scouting for nice OOTDs locations to snap an outfit shot.
See if you managed to spot any familiar faces here?

P.S. If you aren't in the know yet, we are giving out $28 TCL shopping vouchers to selected winners on Instagram! All you have to do is to share your #TCLCNY2020 looks with us by tagging us at @theclosetlover and hashtag #TCLCNY2020 in your post(s)!

Dinner time and our girls were all excited to dig in!
These are some of the girls who are the faces at our retail outlets and props to them for holding the fort at the retail outlets! It is no mean feat doing retail shifts for long hours where they have to stand throughout or climb around to retrieve stocks. They are also the team who work even on public holidays (save for CNY!) but they did all the above and they did it with a smile on their faces. (:

While there are definitely still areas where we can work on for a better shopping experience for you ladies, one thing our team takes pride in would be to be able to serve every one of you with sincerity.

A simple gathering that warmed our hearts!
We hope your CNY has been as fulfilling and our team wishes all of you a Happy Lunar New Year once again! 

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