Self-Care September!

Hi ladies! Happy Friday!

A little late into the game, but we can't believe it's already mid-September! Well, today we are here to tell you not to wake up only when September ends, but to cherish every waking moment. If 2019 hasn't been a good year thus far, lets spend the remaining 3 and a half month making it better together. :)

Today we are going to spend some time talking about self-care - We live in a busy world and are constantly surrounded by people and noise. Noise from the world and noise in our heads. How can we make time for ourselves? Our body is a temple and we ought to put some effort into taking care of it. Happy mind, happy life! Here are some simple ways to practice self-care.

1. Go for a walk everyday

Note: Walking, not rushing. We walk everyday to somewhere but do you know that walking can actually improve your mood, energy level, and mental health? Try alighting 1 bus stop before your actual stop the next time and enjoy the walk – Look at your surroundings and not down at your phone. Maybe you'll find yourself feeling chirpier that day!

2. Sleep early!

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Getting a good night’s rest could be the route to happiness. It seems like we all know this by head, but not by heart. There are countless benefits to sleeping early, but here are some important ones. Getting adequate sleep gives you more energy during the day, allowing you to check off the daily tasks you need to do. In addition, one of the most important benefits of sleep for us ladies, is the rejuvenation for our skin, making it a fundamental part of our beauty regime. Hitting the sack earlier leaves people feeling more attractive, younger and healthier! On the other hand, having not enough rest can result in greater stress levels, feelings of sadness, anger and mental exhaustion. It is definitely important for your mental health to clock in at least 7 hours of rest daily.

3. Find a hobby

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Doing things you like is a perfect way to spend your spare time and unwind from your everyday routines. Our hobbies also give us a sense of purpose and help us to have things to look forward to! We encourage you to try out new things and pick up a new hobby!

4. Celebrate little things

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Life would be too boring if we only celebrated big wins. Don't be too hard on yourself, celebrate little victories in life. If you managed to check off everything you need to do at work today without having to work overtime, treat yourself to that ice cream. If you’re finally able to do a proper chaturanga during yoga, reward yourself! Celebrating these little milestones will definitely help to lift your spirits and motivate you more in life!

5. Treat yourself well

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Have you asked yourself what you’re working so hard for? It’s good to work hard but it is also very important to treat yourself well. Take yourself out for a date, go for a massage, eat something you like and do some shopping. Do you know that dolling up and looking good is also a form of self-care? It’s shown that women feel more confidence when they are wearing what they like! Try spending some time planning out your wardrobe the next time you feel a little mopey! Maybe that will help to improve your mood a little!

Join us in showing more love to ourselves and end the year feeling only positive vibes!

As a start, treat yourself to some retail therapy today! ;)

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