Packing For Your Winter Holidays!

Here comes the best time of the year! It's time for everyone to clear work leave and spend some quality time with people close to your hearts! I'm sure many of you have vacations planned out in the next few weeks. We know it's never easy to pack for winter holidays with the limited luggage space we all have, especially if you want to save some precious space for all your shopping! Today, we are here to give you some tips for packing your winter travels!

1. Make a checklist.
Well, this might seem like a "duh" thing to many, but it is truly essential if you don't want to overpack! Creating a travel checklist of everything you need will help you prioritize what is more important and leave out things that are unnecessary. If you don't know what are the essentials, simply just search "Winter travel checklist" on google or even Pinterest and you will be able to find some helpful ones! ;) 

2. Pack basics and layer them!
When packing clothes for your winter travels, pack a variety of basic clothing that can be mixed and matched. Have fun layering these clothes and create different looks each day! Pack clothing like thermal shirts, turtlenecks, pullovers and even a denim jacket to keep you warm. As for outerwear, you really only need 1 coat for your trip unless you're going away for an extended period of time. With a coat like our Piccadilly Wool Coat or our Nessa Trench Coat, you will be able travel in style while keeping warm! Here are some outfit ideas for you!

Here we have our co-founder Brianna looking warm and stylish in Seoul in our Nessa Trench Coat



Depending on where you're heading too, you can also just wear a warm knit and throw over a leather jacket or coat like both our co-founders whenever necessary!

3. Accessories.
Want to travel light but still stylish enough for an Instagram-worthy OOTD? Nope, you don't have to pack many coats of different colours and styles just to be fashionable and attain different looks everyday! Packing light doesn't mean you have to give up on fashion. You can still spice up your outfit with accessories! Pair your outfit with scarves, gloves, hats and beanies. Not only will these keep you warm during the winter days, it will definitely elevate your look!

4. Wear your heaviest item on the plane.
Lastly, if you're really struggling to meet the luggage space limit, wear your heavy items on the plane! Heavy items like your winter boots, cozy knits and thick coats! You can even pair them with other layers of warm clothes inside. If it gets too warm on the plane, you can just take it out and chuck it aside! This way, you will have plenty of room for your souvenirs and shopping items!

There you have it! Now, you're all ready for your winter wonderland! 
Do also remember to load up on moisturizer and chapsticks to fight the dry weather!

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