Oh, Estelle!

If you've been following us for a while, perhaps you will be familiar with our Estelle Top. It is a crowd-favourite with all of you and one of our top designs (pun intended) of all time so much so that we have created many designs and versions of it over the years. From what started with only a couple of solid colours in 2017, we've now got an array of designs and colours that you can choose from.

Here's co-founder Bree (@briannawonggg) in one of the earlier colours of our Estelle Top - a bright yellow. One of the best things about our Estelle Top is that it offers a simple and timeless design while also being effortlessly stylish and chic. It is a design that will never grow old and is easy to style with just about any bottoms you'd like! Here, Bree styles it with a simple pair of light-washed denim jeans and a weaved bag! She's also amped up her overall look with a pair of colourful earrings that also dons the same yellow. 

Since then, we'd also done the top in other colours like Forest, White, Red, and this shade of yellow too! 

We've also recently done the top in Pink and brought it back earlier this year. Here's how it looks!

You can see the intricate and small details of the top here that is what makes this thread such a popular one! Look forward to the row of functional buttons at the front as well as slight flutter sleeves that adds on to the flowy effect and feminine vibes the top gives. This shade of pink is also a definite sweetheart charmer! ;)

What's more, our Estelle Top comes in a babydoll cut that is perfect for anyone who would like to hide their tummies! It's also a great number for all you mummies-to-be! 

Because we've designed our Estelle Top in almost every colour imaginable, we decided to begin designing it in prints! And of course, if you haven't already guessed it, we went for florals first! Here's our Estelle Top in our Anisa floral print! This print is definitely a great one for anyone who is new to prints as it features subtle and simple white prints that are sparsely spread around the top.


And of course, we also can't forget about all you stripes lovers!

Just last week, we launched our Estelle Striped Top which features a blue palette with hints of yellow and white. This is definitely a style staple needed for your summer wardrobe! Just in one look, you can add a whole pop of colour to your look and bring happy vibes wherever you go! 


This time round, we decided to try to make our Estelle design into a dress too! Here's what it looks like on Charlene (@dearchar_). It's a fuss-free outfit that epitomises all of summer!

And finally, our newest addition to the Estelle family is our Rilana Estelle Printed Top! This thread was a part of our Infinite Blossom collection that was just launched this week and we are absolutely in love with this stunning print! Whether you're a floral lover or not, this one is for you! Here's what the print looks like:


Style it like we have done here with a pair of white bottoms and you're good to go! This print goes best for a casual and off-duty style - Say yes to a straw bag and a simple pair of sliders to top your look! 


With such a huge range of designs and colours to choose from, we are spoilt for choice with our Estelle top! Shop our Estelle collection here. Here's to more colours and prints ahead! ;)

Share with us your favourite Estelle design or colour is! We'd love to hear from you.

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