New Year, New Colours

Tue, 2019-01-08

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Chinese New Year? For us at TCL, CNY brings about a burst of colours. When designing our clothes and choosing the various prints and colours for the apparels, we often try our best to play around with brighter colours during this time of year!

Not only because it is spring Spring (think fresh floral blooms and colours everywhere), but also because it's the time where everyone dares to try something different and new with every new year. This season is the best time for us to bring out all the bolder and brighter colours! 

Donning new apparels from head to toe during Chinese New Year is a symbolic gesture to represent a fresh new start for the new year. Not only do we wear all things new, this is also the perfect time to go for bright shades to go along with the festive and upbeat mood!

Our Artisanal Fleur collection is launching this Sunday (13/1) at 8.30pm on our website and our mobile app, and to give you a little sneak peek of what you can look forward to, here are a couple of our top colourful picks from our upcoming launch! Let the colours speak to you as we share with you what these colours represent in the Chinese culture!


Anneth Printed Top

We start our top picks with the primary colour of Chinese New Year - Red. In the Chinese culture, red symbolises luck, happiness, and joy. It also represents wealth and prosperity - It's because of this that the Chinese often wear red during the festive season as they believe it will bring good fortune and luck to them and their families. 

Our Anneth Printed Top features a gorgeous wine red. This top is perfect for you who want to dress in the festive season but prefer not to wear a red that will that is overly strong or bold. The white lemon prints that we've got featured on this top is also a unique design that we love and will definitely help soften your look.

If you've been a long-time follower of TCL, Pearlyn from Pearlyn & Paper would be no stranger to you. This is the 3rd year running collaborating with this talented lady and we are absolutely loving these specially curated prints that she has come up for our brand. Our Anneth Printed Top is one of the prints that Pearlyn has curated and designed for us!

Unlike the other floral or watercolour designs that she's done for us before, the Anneth print features the lemon plant and leaves! This print will exude a fresh and summery vibe to your look and definitely give you a refreshing touch to your look! 


Halina Floral Printed Dress

Like red, orange is believed to be a symbol of good luck to the Chinese. Our Halina Floral Printed Dress isn't your typical orange! In fact, it sits equally in between red and orange - And thus, it's in the perfect hue if you love all things in between. 

Our Halina floral print features intricate and dainty white blooms that contrast against the red-orange base. These blooms exude a touch of sweetness to your look which complements the burst of colour the base gives! Adding on to this sweet number, the ruffled hemline at the bottom also gives a dainty touch. This dress is perfect for any body type with its cinched waistline and sleeves - you can be assured to look your best throughout this festive season!

Style tip: We think this dress goes perfectly with yellow accessories that will add brightness and cheer to your look! This look calls out to all you optimistic spirits out there!


Anneth Printed Midi Dress

Of course we can't just leave this new favourite print only in one design! We love Pearlyn & Paper's print so much that we've made it in 4 different designs just so you can enjoy it too whatever your style and preference! For yellow, we feature our Anneth Printed Midi Dress that is in this glorious and cheery shade! 

To the Chinese, yellow is the colour of neutrality and freedom. It is also the colour of royalty and power, a colour fit for a king (or a queen, in our case)! We can definitely understand why since the brightness of the colour exudes such a sense of joy and happiness! You are sure to bring a burst of sunshine wherever you go! 

Our Anneth Printed Midi Dress also features the same lemon print that the Anneth Printed Top comes in! In a simple midi design, this dress comes also with front pockets that is great for you to put your little trinkets (or red packets) while on your visiting! Match it with a pair of heels as we have done or even with a pair of sliders and you're good to go! This dress is definitely a style keeper that will last you even beyond this Chinese New Year period! 


Derla Embroidered Top and Culottes

Green is the symbol of vitality and growth. It is the colour of Spring for the Chinese, and of course, we've chosen a floral print for our top green pick for this collection! 

Our Derla Embroidered Top and Culottes is a fuss-free set that will make you look your best this season! This set looks amazing when worn together and you can also choose to wear it separately to make the most out of its versatile design. The set features a muted green that is definitely in trend now and calls forth the colours of Spring! 

The main feature of the set will definitely have to be the embroidered details! The embroidered details are in the form of sweet floral blooms that will add colours and textures to your look! This set will charm hearts this season, and better yet, it's comfortable and stylish at the same time!

And of course, as usual, with the various colours we have featured in this set, you can easily pick out a colour from the florals for your accessories! Here, we pick out the pink and match the look with this simple pink bag.


Talina Crochet Dress

If these lighter colours do not fit your preference, we've got our Talina Crochet Dress launching this Sunday in our Artisanal Fleur as well. This navy shade is definitely the one for you if you prefer something more subtle and nuanced this season. 

To the Chinese, blue is the colour of calmness and peace. It is the symbol of the element of wood to the Chinese culture, and thus also symbolises immorality. Our Talina Crochet Dress stays true to its simple vibes it gives off. It doesn't attract much attention by its pop of colours or prints as the other numbers we've picked out do, but it is equally gorgeous in its design and elegance of colour.

The navy immediately amps up the elegance and sophistication of your entire look! Added with the crochet floral details all around, you'll get the put-together look just with this one apparel. It's intricate and dainty all at once - The epitome of a girly girl.

Pair the dress with lighter coloured accessories as we have done here with the pink bag to add some extra colourblocking detail to your style, and you're good to go! Let the crochet details and colours of your accessories shine! 


More than just these five looks, we've got more colours and styles coming to you this Sunday (13/1) at our Artisanal Fleur launch. So go on, pick the colour you would like to try out new this year, and style away! May this Chinese New Year bring you new adventures as you play around with colours and styles that you normally wouldn't wear. 

View our Artisanal Fleur lookbook here and look forward to the array of colours that will be launching this Sunday at 8.30pm!