NDP Weekend: Things To Do

Happy August everyone! :-)

Hoping everyone is still staying safe and thriving despite our current circumstances.
Sending lots of hugs and love to everyone!

It's August, and that also means it's time to celebrate our nation's 56th birthday. How time flies by!
As we enter into a season of celebration, reflection and gratitude, we at TCL would like to wish Singapore and everyone a Happy National Day! Though the parade might be postponed, let us take the long weekend to appreciate our nation's progress and anticipate greater things ahead.

You might be wondering... okay, but I don't know how to get into the National Day mood this year!
Fret not, we've put together some activities you might be interested in during this long weekend.

Read on and we hope you have an amazing National Day everyone!

For The Foodies

Singaporeans are known for many things, one of them is definitely our love for food!
This weekend, if you haven't had time to stop and indulge in your favourite foods, we hope this long weekend gives you the opportunity to.

Whether it's finding your favourite childhood snacks like gem biscuits or wheel crackers at the Mama shop, or dabao-ing at your favourite hawker centre, we promise your tastebuds will be extremely grateful!

We know that this pandemic has caused a lot of inconvenience and unforeseen circumstances for many F&B outlets. It certainly hasn't been easy for everyone out there so do take this chance to support your favourite food outlet - we are sure they will appreciate it!

For Those Who Miss Catching NDP Live

We know that the National Day Parade is postponed this year, so there won't be any yearly fireworks or live show to catch. For those who miss the yearly festivities, why not bring the celebrations to your home?

For those who have NDP tattoos from previous years lying around at home, why not put them to good use this year? You'll be decked out for a fun NDP theme karaoke session with your family this weekend! 

Blast your favourite National Day song to get yourself into the mood too.
Whether it is the all-too-familiar Home that gets us into the mood or this year's official theme song, we are sure that the lyrics will never fail to strike a chord with all of us, deep down in our hearts.

For Those Who Enjoy Nature

Though there won't be any fireworks on 9th August, we can all anticipate the beautiful display when the parade does occur on 23rd August.

In the meantime, for those who feel like they need a break from your 4 walls, we'd totally recommend taking a quick trip out (safely, of course) to appreciate nature. Gardens By The Bay just launched an exclusive Orchid exhibition in time for our nation's birthday. It boasts of housing over a 1,000 different Orchids in beautiful colours and patterns, and this exhibition titled 'Flight Of The Moth Orchid' symbolises confidence in Singapore to soar above this pandemic.

If you haven't been to Gardens by the Bay in a while or are looking to use your Singapore ReDiscover Vouchers, check this exhibition out! 

 For Those Who Want To Enjoy The Long Weekend

Have already finished our checklist and the holiday still hasn't ended? For the shopaholics who need some retail therapy, check out our exclusive National Day collection, already available on site here. If you've been thinking about it, it's time to get it. ;)

For the workaholics who haven't had time to chill and catch up on your favourite dramas, binge away! We've been noticing the hype around Nevertheless recently, have you watched it yet? :) 


Whatever you do this weekend, we hope you ladies are staying safe and are looking forward to what the future holds for our nation. Here's to 56 years of progress and peace, and to many, many, more ahead!

Psst... We are have a super exciting launch coming your way online this Sunday, here's a sneak peek! All new arrivals are in retail stores already so check them out this weekend. Our outlets (except the one at Raffles Xchange) remain open this long weekend so we will see you ladies there if you would like to pop by.

See you ladies on Sunday (8/8) 8.30pm and for Gold members, at 8pm! 

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