Meet Team TCL: Yong Peng

This week, we interview one of our TCL Team members to give you some behind-the-scenes of what goes on in the TCL office! We've got the opportunity today to talk with Yong Peng from our marketing team. Read on to find out more about her as she shares with us some of her style tips and features!


Hi YP! Could you quickly introduce yourself and share with us what you do in TCL?
Holla, I am YP! I am one of the Marketing girls in TCL! As a part of the marketing team, I manage the social media accounts of TCL, work with influencers and other brands, manage our collection launches, plan events, execute and plan photoshoots, and the list goes on! We do many things behind the scenes as well!

Oh wow! That sounds really fun what you do! How does all of those tasks play out? What does a typical day in TCL look like for you?
Working at TCL is really fun but also very busy! I start work and before I know it, it’s time to knock off! Because the marketing team handles different things at the same time, our day-to-day schedule looks different depending on the particular week! There is always something different going on each day!

Working in TCL and in the fast-fashion industry requires me to take on many hats. I can be a creative, a stylist, and a copywriter all at the same time! It is an extremely fast-paced environment but it is that that empowers me to be challenged to keep up with all the tasks at hand and be creative at the same time!

We’re lucky to have quite a number of food places around the TCL office. What’s your favourite office food so far?
I’m new to this area but I’ve recently fallen in love with many different food stalls recommended by my lovely colleagues. Two of my favourite food to eat during my lunch hour would definitely be fish soup and western food! The best thing is that both these stalls happen to be in the building opposite our office! So you can always find me there during lunch since it’s just a 3-minute walk away!

To be honest, it’s quite a tough choice between fish soup and western! I love both but if I have to chose, I will choose the western stall to be my top food option! They offer a variety of choices at super affordable prices! I love their chicken chop that also comes with 3 sides. I love my carbs, so I would tend to go for fries, spaghetti, and maybe even an egg!

You’re one of the newest team members who’ve just joined us not too long ago. And we're so interested to know what made you decide to join TCL? Or in a broader sense, what about working in the fashion industry interests you?
TCL is one of my favourite local brands. I find that fashion in particular is relatable as I enjoy styling pieces and working in a fashion industry has been one of my top choices of industry to work in as I am young and curious to explore such opportunities.

Since fashion has become a big part of what you do now that you’re in the fashion industry, what is fashion to you? What does it mean to be fashionable?
To me, fashion is about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. It is to be confident with your own style and not be insecure about the different flaws you think you may have! And of course, it is always to smile! As they always say, a smile is the best clothing you can wear! To always be confident and comfortable is to be in style!

Describe your fashion style! What do you like wearing? What are your go-to pieces?
As I’m someone who isn’t much into prints, staple and more basic pieces are my go-to as they are more versatile to style with. I prefer colours from the neutral or earthy palette over brighter colours.

Pants, culottes, and denims are my go-to as I like to dress comfortably in the office and on days out. Oh! And to complete the look, I like to accessorise with a pair of earrings! I’ve a crazy obsession with earrings if you can’t already tell!

I’m sure you’ve got tons of TCL clothes in your wardrobe. But if you had to only pick one outfit, which would it be?

The Emelia Layered Top in White is one of my favourite worn-to-death tops from TCL! I love the simplicity of it and that the front overlay gives an illusion of a crop top when tucked into any pair of bottoms. The fit of this top is perfect too, and it also comes with adjustable straps! I’m sure many ladies out there will love this top as much as I do! It’s versatile and simple, and can be styled in so many ways!

As for my bottoms, I’ll have to go with the Miriam Pleated Culottes in Navy, that is also available in white! I love the stretchy waistband that makes it comfortable to wear as well as the pleated details all around! It adds an extra elegance to the look! The flowyness of the culottes gives length to my overall outfit and makes me seem taller than I actually am!


I’ve styled this outfit for a casual day out! Pair it with a comfy pair of mules and some earrings (of course you need earrings!) and I’m ready to take on the day!

A plus point when shopping in TCL is that they have the best fit for everyone of different sizes, including petite girls like me! Although I am not a big fan of prints, I like that TCL has a variety of everything that plays with everyone’s preferences - they have a mix of basics and staples as well as printed apparels! There is something for everyone here!

So, we’re launching our next collection over the weekend… and we would love to see what you will choose from that? If you could choose one outfit from our Mod Charms collection (launching 23rd September), what would it be? And why?


My favourite piece from this Sunday’s launch will definitely be the Shurra Midi Dress! This piece calls out to me with its sleek clean cut and its neutral shade. I’m also loving the side pockets it has! I love pieces with pockets the most for its functionality and convenience. It’s also a breezy piece that won’t be too humid for the hot weather!

I love how you can style it both with or without the sash, giving it optimum styling options and versatility! And the best part…? It’s tummy-friendly! You can head out for a full meal and not be worried about how you look after!

I’ve chosen to pair this outfit with the Moris Crochet Bag in Cream as well as some statement hoop earrings for the ultimate relaxed vibe!


That’s all for today’s TCL Team feature! Stay tuned to this space as we feature more members from our beloved team and share with you other exclusive behind-the-scenes outtakes and style features!

The Shurra Midi Dress that Yong Peng has chosen is launching this Sunday in our Mod Charms collection! Look forward to our new arrivals launching this Sunday at 8.30pm! Click here to view lookbook! 

Happy Friday, ladies!


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