Meet Team TCL: Cindy

This week, we chat with one of our TCL team members to get to know her better! Cindy is our Logistics Head here at TCL and she is a one of the nicest person you will ever meet. She plays a huge part in our daily operations of the company and we're so happy to be able to hear from her! 


Hi Cindy! Thanks for agreeing to let us feature you this week for our staff feature. Could you introduce yourself and share with us a little bit more about what you do here in TCL?

Hello everyone! I am Cindy and I oversee the day-to-day operations in the logistics team, from handling all our customers' orders to stocking in at our retail outlets every week. I help ensure that customers' orders are packed and shipped out promptly and retail stocks are delivered on time. Basically, anything pertaining to the warehouse and our stocks, I am involved and you will see me around!

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

I start off the day with a briefing everyday so that everyone in the logistics team is kept in the loop of what's going on and the tasks for each day are communicated across clearly. I will then work on the upcoming collections. It's my job to ensure that there are sufficient stocks to cater to both our online and retail sales. Being in a fast-paced environment, it requires me to work promptly to get my tasks done on time so that we can work on the every collection promptly.

You've been working in TCL for 3-4 years now and that's actually quite a long time! What do you like most about TCL and about working here?

Working in TCL has been a fun and fulfilling journey thus far and I have celebrated many milestones with the wonderful teams behind TCL. Not forgetting my bosses, Bree and Bert, who have given me lots of opportunities to grow and learn in the company! As we are a fast-fashion company, I get to see first-hand the upcoming fashion trends and get a preview of our upcoming collections. (exclusive work perks!) 

Since you've been here for quite a while now, you'll probably know quite a bit about the different fashion trends and styles. Share with us what's your personal style like? What would you wear on a typical day in the office?

As I need to walk around the office and warehouse frequently throughout the day, I usually wear something that is comfortable and not restrictive for my movements like a pair of shorts or my worn-to-death Made For You Jeans! I tend to choose darker colours over lighter ones so as to not dirty my outfit easily. I am quite a boring person in terms of my fashion style, so I don't usually go for printed pieces. I guess I would say that my style is more minimalistic! 

As you probably already know, we've got a new collection launching this Sunday. Do you have a favourite look from that particular collection?

Yes! I really love the Renasa Buttoned Midi Dress in Pink. I love it for its pockets that make it very convenient for me to put my phone and cards in! I will either pair it with a pair of sneakers for a casual look or match it with a pair of heels for a dainty and elegant feel. The side slits it has also add to this latter look!

In all your years working here, you must have seen thousands of TCL designs and apparels. If you had to choose only one look, what would it be?

I would say it's the Elizabeth Skater Dress. I love it so much that I have a number of colours for it. I like how the pleated details and skater fit bring out my best. And, of course, most importantly, it has side pockets which is something I look out for whenever I purchase something!


That's all for today's staff feature! Stay tuned to this space for more style reads and behind-the-scenes looks from our team!

Have a good weekend, ladies!

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