Let's Support Local

Hi ladies!

As you all know, with the ongoing circuit breaker measures, local businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 situation and this is especially so for the F&B industry. As F&B is considered an essential service, all F&B outlets will remain open and continue their operations. However, with dining in no longer an option, many restaurants, hawker centres and coffee shops have to turn to takeaway options. There are also instances where some places have to be closed due to their once prime location becoming a quiet area due to the circuit breaker. 

We are extremely thankful to these people who continue to work during this pandemic and making sure our lives are less affected as possible. Working in the F&B industry is already tough with the long hours and tiring job scope. Hence, we should do whatever we can within our means to help these people. 

During this period, we can express our appreciation and support them in many simple ways. 

1. Ordering in from your favourite local food places 

It can just be the restaurant at the nearest mall, the coffee shop near your house or even the hawker centre if you have one near you. You can order in from these local food places from time to time for your lunch or dinner. With many delivery apps available to choose from and practicing contactless pickup, ordering in is a breeze and safe at the same time. Furthermore, with the onset of the current situation, many food places have started to opt to join these apps. You could also head down to those places and order takeaway instead of ordering in, but do remember to mask on if you do so.

Our TCL team also has our very own recommendations for local food places. For Sandy from #TeamTCL, one of her favourite go-to places is Free The Robot, a cafe serving western-style brunch and coffee. She recommends the Rangers Valley Wagyu Beef Cubes which she says are amazing. For coffee lovers, do try Free The Robot Signature Cold which is great as well. 

During our Q&A session about favourite takeaway food places on IGS, there have been a variety of recommendations ranging from restaurants, dessert places to local bakes. If you have missed out on sharing your own recommendations for favourite takeaway places, feel free to share it with us by leaving a response down below. 

Here are some recommendations provided by our TCL family on IGS: 

In The Brickyard



One Stone Three Birds

Purple Sage

The Coconut Club

Bread & Hearth

2. Shout out on social media 

You can help increase exposure and awareness for your favourite takeaway food place by helping them shout out on social media. Simply take a picture of your food and tag them on social media to show your support for them. At the same time, you can also share your favourite food place with your friends and family online. 

3. Contribute to the community 

In such tough times, there are people whose livelihood has been affected by the COVID-19 situation. We can all play a part in giving a helping hand to local businesses and help them overcome this! Your donations will be able to make a difference in their lives. Giving.sg is an online platform where you can donate, volunteer or fundraise. They have many ongoing initiatives and campaigns that you can contribute to. One of the campaigns done by The Food Bank Singapore, Feed The City (Takeaway Edition), helps both local businesses and vulnerable communities in need of food at the same time. By purchasing a pay-it-forward meal, you can support local F&B retailers as well as make sure that the vulnerable communities are taken care of. 

We hope that this feature has provided you ladies with more ideas for what to order in for your meals during these stay home days. Even though this feature focuses more on the F&B industry, there are many more other local businesses that you can support and show your appreciation for! 

Last but not least, it's been almost a week since we've all been staying home and it might have dampened your spirits for some. Let's keep our spirits up, think positively and make the most out of this time by taking this opportunity to slow down, bond with your family and take time for yourself. 



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