International Women's Day 2020

Beauty and strength in every story.

International Women's Day - A day that is focused on efforts worldwide to help eliminate discrimination against women, a day that is made to celebrate efforts to help women gain full and equal participation in global development.

TCL, being a brand founded by sister duo, Bree and Bert and a brand that caters for you ladies, is everything that represents a woman of a modern society. We yearn to contribute our strength to the society, for our voice can be heard and our actions can be seen.

But, that is not to say that the process of getting there is without any obstacles.
Before we could be the best, we went through our own fair share of struggles and pains.
However, it is exactly these struggles that make the final destination where we arrive at so precious.

Today, we celebrate beauty and strength in the everyday woman.
Each of us have got our own unique tale to tell and to share. In these stories, we believe you can draw beauty and strength as we learn how different individuals overcame their own share of struggles.

Join us on this journey as we uncover #HERstory of each of these individuals.


Lynn Adele Chng;

A former swim coach, now a SAHM who is running her own Etsy store (@typo.craft). Lynn opened up and shared with us how it was like for her to give up her passion for swimming when she found out that she was pregnant with her daughter. Probably a common dilemma that is faced by all moms out there: to work or to fully dedicate your time to a little human being who treats you like you are their entire world.

It is, indeed, a fine line to thread but Lynn made it all work out when she ventured into her new little heaven of handicrafts and personalised gifts. What started off as something to lend her a little respite from being a full-time mum turned out to be a viable business avenue that could let her strike a balance between being a mum and finding back her spark and passion.

Suzette Ser;

An outspoken lady, free-spirited and bubbly, Suzette was a personality that livened up our shoot. She struck up conversations with the ladies present so easily that we could barely fathom her at her lowest point when she opened up about her lowest moments in the past.

Women have faced societal pressures with regards to beauty and body image and it has been a long-time battle to prove a point that - beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We're amazed at how Suzette managed to set aside snide comments and negative behaviour, and instead focused her efforts on the positive side.

She even went on a really unique path - Mermaiding, where she found her comfort zone that affirmed her belief that the definition of beauty is not singular.

Sandy Cheng;
A full-time working lady, a new mum in an inter-racial relationship. Sandy is someone who faced many different obstacles in juggling her role as a woman. But what stood out to us was how she handled everything with grace and took each obstacle in her stride.

Having to handle so much on her plate is no mean feat but Sandy shared that it was the basics that let her stood her ground and got her to where she is right now.

"Fundamentally, we overcame quite a lot of obstacles because we are constantly communicating."
Handling inter-racial relationship was tough because of the social stigmas that she and her husband faced. Even for their own families, it took years before they showed true acceptance for their love.

As a working mum, she shared how important it was that caring for their child, Eli, was a tag-team affair for her and her husband.
"We feel that, although we have lesser couple time, but the closeness we have with each other is better than before."

Brianna & Bertilla Wong;

A sister duo who should be no strangers to most of you ladies as they are the founders of TCL!
This IWD as our team thought of doing a special feature to cover the stories and struggles of modern ladies, the thought that instantly flashed through our minds was "Why not interview Bree and Bert?".

Bree and Bert could easily be a representation of any woman out in the society. They hold multiple female roles being an entrepreneur, lady boss, daughter, mother-to-be (for Bert), social media influencer and more. Juggling multiple roles is exactly the everyday dilemma of a modern woman - we've got to learn how to allocate our time, learn to multi-task and strike a balance in all these different roles.


A prelude to #HERstory, unfolding this International Women's Day.
Stay tuned with us - 8th March 2020.

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