International Day of Happiness

Hi ladies! Did you know today is International Day of Happiness? Amidst the different crises the world is facing, we would like everyone to take a little breather and celebrate happiness, joy and positivity! :) 

It may seem just like any other ordinary day on this occasion, but we want to celebrate the little wins in each and every one of your lives, be it big or small! It has always been our mission to accompany you ladies throughout the seasons, hence we're always excited to be with you throughout the different milestones in life.

Happiness - everyone has a different idea of what this word entails as it is a strong emotion that we experience almost daily. At TCL, we believe that happiness can be found in the little things such as enjoying a simple cup of coffee, or the major events in life. For instance, expecting a child! What is happiness to you?

We're sure that all of us hustle hard in pursuit of a life filled with happiness and joy, but we wanted to give a gentle reminder to sometimes stop and smell the roses as the key to achieving happiness is not just an end result, but also the process! As such, we have come up with some tips to share with you ladies on finding happiness on a daily basis.  

Happiness Is...

1. Trying New Things

Most of us find it a chore to take the first step out of our comfort zones but once you have passed through the first hurdle, the sense of accomplishment you feel and the joy that accompanies after is indescribable! When was the last time you set a goal to achieve something new but have yet to work on it? Be it finding a new hobby or starting on a new project, get ready to embrace the novelty of it and enjoy the whole process!

   2. Pampering Yourself

As big supporters of self-love ourselves, it is always a must to treat yourself once a while to keep the positive vibes going! Before you can take care of others, you have to take care of your own well-being and there are so many ways to do that! It can be an extravagant experience of treating yourself to a full-course meal or something as simple as having some me time catching up on your reading in a room filled with essential oil candles. Just don't forget to prioritise yourself from time to time to be happy!

3. Spending Time With The Right Company

Have you ever felt the urge to share your happiness with someone when something good happens to you? It is in our nature to want to spread our joy to others which multiplies it further when they are the right company! Be it your family, friends or colleagues, do remember to take some time off to disconnect with your devices and connect with your loved ones! It is through these close bonds forged that bring a smile to your face!

4. Retail Therapy

All of us at Team TCL would say that retail therapy is the quickest method to achieve happiness! As big fans of fashion and shopping, retail therapy is no doubt effective in chasing away the blues and leaving us with a huge sense of contentment at the end of the day. Why not visit our stores today to start on your journey to happiness with us?

5. Girls' Day Out

With all that being said, would you like to enjoy all of the above at once? To commemorate International Day of Happiness, we are inviting you and two of your friends to join us in a 2D1N staycation with a series of pampering activities for the day! Check out the details on our Instagram page

"Happiness depends on ourselves" - Aristotle

We hope that you ladies will be able to find happiness on this very special day.
Here's wishing everyone great smiles and positive vibes ahead! 


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