How To Care For Your Apparels

Hi ladies, it's the start of a new month as well as the end of circuit breaker. We hope that you have been doing well! While we love to shop for clothes, taking care of them is important as well and helps prolong their wearing span. After all, we are sure that all of you have a favourite outfit that you wear time after time!

This time round, for our blogpost, we would like to share with you tips on how to best care for your well-loved apparels. You will probably find many different types of fabric in your wardrobe and there are certain ways in which we can care for each fabric. Read on to find out more about tips for the fabrics that are most commonly found in your wardrobe! :) 


First up, we have the fabric that most people definitely own - cotton. Cotton is popular with many due to its softness and breathable qualities. We recommend that you should always handwash cotton fabric to keep the item in shape. However, for those who prefer machine wash, you can also place your apparel in a laundry bag which helps as well. When ironing, do make sure that you do so on a low heat setting and on the reverse side of the fabric. Our highly raved Janie Two Way Top is made of cotton fabric and will be launching this Sunday (7/6) at 8.30pm! Stay tuned to this versatile top for comfy wear when at home or for a quick errand run. Take a sneak preview of our upcoming Quintessential Poise II collection via our lookbook here


Here's another fabric that is soft, breathable and perfect for the hot weather in Singapore. Linen requires slightly more care than cotton and when washing, make sure that you separate coloured linen from white or light-colour linen. You won't want a colour run on your favourite linen piece! Another tip to take note is to wash linen in cold water instead of hot/warm water as the fabric might shrink. Even if it does, stretch it out gently when ironing and all will be well. From our Harold Two Way Midi Dress to our recently launched Betha Linen Dress, we have many linen options for you to choose from! 


Chiffon is a slightly textured fabric with a slight sheer to it. Do be more careful with this material as due to its lightweight nature, thread runs may occur more easily when it is tugged onto sharp objects. When washing, make sure that you do not soak it for long periods. For fans of floral prints, we have floral printed items made of chiffon, such as our upcoming Daelia Maxi Dress and our Lena Jumpsuit from last week's collection. Do check out these lovely printed items! 

We hope you have found these tips helpful in making it easier to care for your fabric at home! For detailed information about other fabrics, you can also check out our fabric guide here



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