Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hi ladies! With the recent news of the extension of the circuit breaker, we’re sure many of you are bummed that we aren’t able to see our loved ones or venture outdoors freely. Nevertheless, this initiative is definitely beneficial in the long run to flatten the curve permanently. We know that it’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible! So, let’s take this in stride and try to make the best out of this stay home season!

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home. We all know that home is where the heart is, but when we get cooped up at home for an extended period of time, tensions may start to rise as we find ourselves running out of novel things to try out. There is also this nagging possibility of being depleted of patience when there is 24/7 contact with whoever you are staying with. As such, we would like to take on a less mentioned topic and address your well-being concerns as well as to share some wellness tips for you and your relationships.

Tip #1 Acknowledge Your Feelings

Since the start of the pandemic, all of us found ourselves being flung into a period of uncertainty where the future is a huge question mark with no lifelines in sight. We have transitioned into a completely different phase in life unknowingly and the thought of it itself is very scary. The only way to overcome this setback is to embrace the fact that everything has changed and we have to bear in mind the feelings that come with it. It is normal to feel lost, upset or even fearful of what’s coming next, but do not bury these feelings deep inside you. Instead, acknowledge these negative thoughts and share your concerns with someone else – letting out your true feelings can definitely help as you are taking the courageous first step to tackle your obstacles.

Tip #2 Adjust Your Expectations

“Did I just waste another day doing absolutely nothing? Not again!” This is probably the most lamented statement of 2020, where everyone feels that we are not as productive as we were prior to the worldwide lockdown. However, during these unprecedented times, the status quo is now void and we are living in a world where working from home is the new norm. It is alright to be less productive at the start as we are not used to the new "workplace", we just have to take time to adapt to a new work routine that makes us feel the most efficient. Always remember that our situations have changed and so should our expectations!  

Tip #3 Celebrate Small Wins     

Even as time comes to a standstill and we find ourselves not knowing what day it is anymore, it is still important for us to make every day count in order to stay positive! There is room for growth even through all this and it would definitely benefit us if we noted down all the little accomplishments we have achieved each day. This will remind us that there is no right answer to coping with this stay home season and that whatever brings us happiness is here to stay. Start by creating a list of small victories each day, for instance, getting out of bed on time, making yourself a meal or simply giving a loved one a call.

#Tip 4 Communicate Your Thoughts

If you’re living with your family during this stay home period, you may find it hard to adjust to having your family members as your new “co-workers” as seen from the random interruptions during your conference calls or the distractions from their conversations. Some of us could even start feeling frustrated with having your family members around all the time and find yourself losing your temper easily. Don’t worry, you’re not turning into a villain but it is instead the accumulation of stress and uncertainty during this period that has gotten everyone on edge. All you need to do is to voice out your concerns to your family members and ask for their understanding during this work from home period. You can start by letting them know of your work schedule so that they can better adjust to it and also make the effort to understand their own situations as well. With constant communication and everyone making compromises, your relationships will grow stronger and it will soon feel good to be home!

#5 Prioritise Your Happiness

Are you guilty of feeling regret when you spend the day binge watching your favourite dramas or just taking long naps? Don’t be! It is the perfect time to let go of your usual routine and start taking care of your own well-being. Be it catching up on your Zs or having a long soak in the tub, don’t forget to prioritise self-care in order to stay positive during this trying period! It is also a good time to have your creativity run wild and let your imaginations take over. Start watching the calligraphy tutorial video you have always wanted to learn or pick up the fiction book you have been meaning to read. This stay home season (hopefully) comes once in a lifetime so do whatever your heart desires for once!


Making a happy home starts with a happy you. We hope that these tips serve as a reminder to take care of your own well-being and focus on the things that truly matter to you. Let’s all put in a little more effort to ensure happy days ahead!


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