Happy Lunar New Year!

In the blink of an eye, we have come to the end of our #TCLCNY2020 launches and that means it's officially the start of the lunar new year! In this season of new beginnings, prosperity and joy, our co-founders Bree and Bert and all of us at Team TCL would like to wish everyone an abundance of blessings and everlasting happiness! We hope you ladies spend some quality time with your family and friends and indulge in the festive vibes of this happy occasion!

Over the past few weeks following the start of our #TCLCNY2020 launches, we tried delivering new content to showcase our collections and we hope you ladies enjoyed them!

We experimented with live try-ons sessions that included more body shapes and sizes, frequent IGS Q&A sessions as well as plenty of giveaways! We also introduced a quick Spring Trivia which many of you ladies enjoyed! Leave us a comment below if you would us to continue having such campaigns for our following launches! (:

Of course, we were deeply humbled by the positive reception towards our #TCLCNY2020 collections as well as the lovely messages and kind words left by each and every one of you! All these really mean a lot to us and serve as motivations for us to execute better campaigns and improved business processes to serve you better.

To gear up for a more exciting year ahead, Team TCL would be using the holiday break to recharge ourselves as well as to get ready for more exciting collection launches! (Here's some insider information for you: Our next drop will be on 12 Feb featuring new styles you'll love!)

As such, do refer to the following for more details on our office and retail store hours during this festive period:

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who supported us throughout our #TCLCNY2020 launches and also a shout-out to all of our staff, be it HQ or retail, for working relentlessly during this peak period! We'll see you again in February! (:


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