Happy International Friendship Day!

Hi ladies! Team TCL would like to wish everyone a happy International Friendship Day! In July, we have dedicated the month to celebrating the precious bonds forged between friends, as well as focusing on the importance of commemorating the milestones we share with our friends.

International Friendship Day is celebrated around the globe on 30 July in the hopes of promoting unity within diversity. In such a multi-racial cosmopolitan like Singapore, it is definitely imperative for us to accept our differences and embrace the diversity which makes us a community.

To celebrate this meaningful day, we have done a series of campaigns featuring our co-founder Bree and resident make-up artiste Airin, our brand advocate friends, staff as well as you, our dearest customers!

Bernice & Jocina

Rain or shine, they’ve got each other’s back! Sharing the same interests and hobbies, Bernice and Jocina are close friends and their tight friendship is well known by many!

Though every day may be ordinary, every day spent with your bestie is definitely extraordinary. Here’s a tip to keep the friendship sailing – try a new hobby and create new memories together!

Of course, we can’t forget about Man’s best friend when it comes to celebrating friendships! Here’s a shout-out to our little paw friends who will always be there for us.

Always remember that friendship is about the little gestures, the deliberate effort. It is also about enjoying the million little things together.

Team TCL

We’re sure they’re familiar faces to you! Steph, Sandy and Cindy from Team TCL are from different departments in TCLHQ but that did not stop their friendship from blooming throughout the years of working together.

It’s always a blessing to have a friend at work as they are the ones who will make your work experience a lot more enjoyable and the accomplishments a lot more fruitful. There are certain industries where competition within the workplace is rife, but you will definitely find it a relief to confide in someone who is able to relate to your experience and understand you.

As the saying goes, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Similarly with the right colleagues, you will slowly grow fonder of what you do and witness your passion for your job growing deeper!

Here’s to the colleagues-turned-friends, our families from the workplace!

Our TCL Family

We definitely cannot forget our own TCL family when it comes to celebrating friendships! Over the years, many customers have accompanied us on our journey and we are heartened to have a huge number of customers-turned-friends!

We love receiving messages from customers telling us about how long they’ve been following our brand and that they’ve grown with us throughout the seasons. To thank everyone for your support, we ran an IG giveaway for our coveted Brea Knitted Tops in new colours!

Our Brea Knitted Top is one of TCL’s most iconic designs as it comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for all shapes and sizes! Due to its versatility in styling, it instantly became a fan favourite and we thought that it would be the perfect choice to feature for our friendship campaign.

Our lucky winner was Cecilia, along with 3 of her best friends. We absolutely adore the squad goals of these girls as they have been at one another’s sides along the different phases of their life – from being students to transitioning into the workforce.

We are always really grateful for the friendships that last, so here’s a an ode to the people who care about you and those who have been with you throughout the seasons!

P.S. Our Brea Knitted Tops in new colours will be launching on 9 August and available in all SG retail stores from 6 August.

Bree & Airin

Thanks to Instagram, our co-founder Bree and TCL’s resident make-up artiste, Airin have been friends for years. Airin was first introduced to TCL when Bree approached her on Instagram after being impressed by her body of work, and the pair has been great friends ever since!

We thought that it would be apt to invite Airin to front a friendship campaign together with Bree, given that the former is a fan of TCL apparels. Handpicked by Bree herself, our Idyllic Moments collection features pastel hues and linen pieces that are “very Airin and me” (in the words of Bree) and it is a very special collection that will stay close to our hearts.

The colour palette is made up of colours commonly seen on the duo, and the different designs also illustrate each of their characters - Airin’s penchant for midi skirts and Bree’s love for sets. All the apparels will be launching online this Sunday (2/8) at 8.30pm so don’t forget to set your reminders!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short feature of our International Friendship Day campaigns and can’t wait to share our Idyllic Moments collection with you. If you would like to celebrate this joyous occasion with your friends, why not treat her to an exclusive TCL e-card from us? Simply click on this link, choose the gift certificate denomination, enter a message and the gift certificate will be on its way to your friend’s inbox. Spread the love today!

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