Get Dressy!

Hi ladies! No matter how hard we try, everyone’s bound to experience some form of cabin fever during this stay home season. It’s official – we have arrived at the period of time where even our comfiest T-shirts and shorts do not spark joy anymore after being in them for nearly two months consecutively! We know how it feels to be longing for the good old days where we could dress up and hop out of the house freely but with the current consequences, why not rekindle that spark at home?

If you’ve been delaying all your purchases of dressy items because you “have nowhere to wear them to”, this post is just for you! It doesn’t matter where you’re going (or not going), you’ll definitely find joy in the process of wearing pretty clothes and that includes more formal pieces that you always reserve for special occasions!

Start making every day a special day for yourself by dressing up in whatever items you want to wear! We have curated some styling tips and versatile outfit ideas for you to dress up and down at home:

1. Floral Romance

Stuck at home celebrating your anniversary with your beau? Have a cozy date night in our gorgeous Daelia Dress! Ditch the heels and fancy accessories reserved for your luxurious dinner dates and opt for minimalist sliders and a casual bag which are perfect for a short stroll together. If you’re not stepping out at all, all you need is a simple pair of hoop earrings to dress down the look!

2) Sweet Enchantment

Your dream of being a stay home fashionista is going to come true with our Elowen Dotted Dress! Achieve both style and comfort when you dress down your look with a pair of casual sliders and a fuss-free handbag to go along. This is also a popular conference call look with the lovely flutter sleeve details of this sweet number taking centre stage on your device’s screen!


3) Effortless Beauty

The golden rule to being effortlessly gorgeous is to not put in any effort at all! No worries, our Bianca Midi Dress is stylish enough to be worn on its own without any accessorising due to its pretty colourblock panels. If you’re heading out, simply throw on a pair of gold earrings and sliders for a casual yet fashionable look. Don’t forget to catch this look at our Daylight Aura launch this Sunday at 8.30pm!

There we have it! The key to achieving the style you want lies in the accessories you style your clothes with! At TCL, we strive to design clothes that are versatile and timeless across seasons, which is why all our designs are tailored to be worn both at home and on special occasions.

So ladies, it’s time to get dressy!

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