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This spring season is the perfect time for florals and as you probably already know, the TCL team loves our florals. In today's blog, we feature a couple of floral prints that we absolutely adore and share with you how we've styled them! We've also got a couple of sneak peeks of our Quaintrelle Escapade collection that's launching this Sunday at 8.30pm just for you!

When picking the floral prints for our designs, we always try our best to pick out something that is versatile and elegant. Nothing over the top but definitely nothing boring as well! Our floral prints can then be loved by everyone; all you need to do is pick out a print that suits you and you are good to go! Whether you consider yourself a floral lover or if you're new to florals, we've got something for you here!


Our Darina floral print here is one of our latest print favourites from our Floral Fables collection that we shot in Osaka, Japan with Christabel (@bellywellyjelly). We love this print so much that we'd made it into a number of designs. Featured above is the Darina Floral Printed Knotted Top and Darina Floral Printed Shorts as seen on Christabel and the Darina Floral Printed Midi Dress as seen on Jodi (@jodiaarielle).

This print is relatively sweet and feminine. It features small and intricate flowers in various colours that stand out against the navy or white base. Although these flowers are rather vibrant, the size of the print doesn't make it too overwhelming. This print, then, is great for any floral lover out there! Even if you're new to florals, the knotted top and shorts as seen on Christabel will do the trick. Instead of wearing it as a set like she has done here, you can also wear it separately with a solid-coloured top or bottom! This set is as versatile as it can get and is a perfect everyday co-ord if you're looking to just quickly put something on in the morning. 

Jodi has styled our Darina Floral Printed Midi Dress with a pair of white heels. Together with the white base of the dress, these heels do bring out the white accents in her outfit a lot more. This allows the colours from the floral print to stand out and shine! She's also chosen to style her look with a wine clutch that matches the flowers on the dress. As a style tip, always pick out colours from the print for your accessories - You can never go wrong! 

P.S. You can shop the rest of our Darina floral print series here


What's most unique about our Chantila floral print will have to be the pastel base it features. This unique hue is soft and sweet, exuding feminine grace to your look. To add on to this sweet vibe, the florals here are also in pastel and complementary hues. The orange and purple-grey tones of the florals goes perfectly with the pastel-hued base. Nothing too loud or vibrant - Just simple and soft shades. The florals are also dispersed throughout the dress which make this a great number for anyone new to florals!

Co-founder Bert chose to style this with a simple pair of white mules and a pair of gold earrings. These accessories further enhances the sophistication and elegance that the print already exudes. With the distinct features like its faux tortoiseshell buttons at the front and square neckline, this number is definitely a one-of-a-kind! ;) 


Taken at our Penang Staff Retreat earlier last month, here is Bert in our Rinasa Floral Printed Midi Dress! It's definitely a sunshine getup that we all love, great to brighten up anyone's day! Compared to the other two floral prints we've featured above, the Rinasa floral print is indeed better for casual and off-duty days! 

Not only can the bright base make anyone's day, the white flowers also add to the happy sunshine vibes of the dress! These flowers are contrasted against the yellow base and will make your outfit stand out amongst the crowd. Here, Bert has styled it with a pair of sneakers and a pair of gold hoop earrings. A style tip that Bert lives for is that every lady should have a pair of gold hoop earrings that can go well with almost anything and everything! She's done it again with the gold hoop earrings that matches perfectly with the yellow hues from this dress! And of course, you can always opt for a straw hat too for 10/10 vacation vibes!

If you like our Rinasa floral print, you will also love our Sonneta floral print that's launching as a top this Sunday at 8.30pm!



These prints are very similar but for those with an eye for details can easily spot the differences. While both have yellow-toned bases, the latter is slightly darker in hue. The latter can thus also be used for slightly more formal looks if you style it with a pair of pants! Unlike the Rinasa florals that are dispersed around the base, the Sonneta floral print features flowers that are more neatly aligned. Look forward to our Sonneta Floral Printed Top from our Quaintrelle Escapade collection and style away!


Another floral print that we're so excited to share with you very soon from our Quaintrelle Escapade collection is our Lorina floral dotted print. If you love our Clarice floral dotted print and our Carissa floral dotted print, you will love this next one! As its name suggests, this print is a mix of both small, intricate flowers and dots! The dots definitely add an extra touch of quirkiness to the print and allow for this look to be more retro-like and sweet! 

Our Lorina floral dotted print features a dark navy base and bright flowers that will brighten up the look! Pair it with a pair of sliders as we have done here and let the print shine for itself! 


Here are just a couple of floral prints that we're loving right now. Of course, there are so many other floral prints available for you to choose from and we're always in the midst of bringing to you more floral designs! Which is your favourite print? ;)

Shop our floral prints here now! You can also tap in here to view the lookbook for our Quaintrelle Escapade collection that's launching this Sunday at 8.30pm!

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