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Thu, 2019-08-22

Hi ladies!

Hope you are all ready for the weekend! In today's blogpost, we will be sharing some fashion tips and tricks! When it comes to fashion advice, everyone seems to have something they absolutely swear by. This week, we went around the office to find out some fashion tips and tricks from our beloved team members. We've managed to suss out some of their top fashion secrets that keep them looking fresh all day long! Hope you'll find these little nuggets helpful and interesting!

Curate colours to suit your skin tone.” – Sandy, HR 

First up, we have our dear HR. She has the skin tone of Snow White and with her beautiful pearl-liked skin tone, we always see her in colours like Seafoam, Pastel Pink and Periwinkle. It’s always important to know your skin tone so you can wear clothes that complement it! 


The 2 wardrobe staples that I swear by – white tees and leather jacket” – Cass, Graphic Designer 

Have you ever heard someone explaining why they need 10 pieces of white basic tees just because of the different cut and material? Our Graphic Designer is one of those people. She swears by having the perfect white tee that matches with her leather jacket!

Donning on a pair of statement earrings can never go wrong” – Celine, Account Executive 

Not being biased, but we probably have the best-dressed Accountant here in TCL. Our Account Executive here comes to work almost everyday with a different pair of statement earrings. Don’t you think it’s always fun when you can dress yourself up with statement accessories?

Always carry a lint-roller with you!” – Mia, Senior Graphic Designer 

Of course we must have some practical fashion tips for you! Our Senior Graphic Designer carries a lint-roller with her all the time! This is especially important if you love wearing black and have fur-friends at home!

Always carry a lipstick with you. You’ll instantly look fresher when you put on lipstick!” – Joan, Senior Marketing Executive 

Last but not least, our Senior Marketing Executive thinks it’s best to have a lipstick with you all the time. A nice and bright lipstick will definitely add a pop of colour to your overall look so you can look fresh throughout the day! 

Hope these fashion tips and tricks from our team are helpful for you! Comment down below what are some of your fashion tips and tricks! We’d love to hear from you!

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