(Fall) In Love

We've just entered into the new month of November and we're finally heading into the end of the year season. But just before the year ends, we want to feature the autumn season one last time. To many people, autumn can perhaps be deemed as the most beautiful season of the year. And what makes autumn beautiful is no doubt its rich colours and shades. Without these warm tones, autumn will not be autumn!

In this week's post, we will be featuring some of our favourite autumn pieces for you to wear autumn on your sleeves and in your heart. May you fall in love (pun intended) with these warm hues that can last you through the year again and again. Who says you need only wear these colours during the fall season?

Marella Linen Midi Dress in Brick Red

Our Marella Linen Midi Dress in Brick Red is an autumn classic! We're loving this dress not only for the strong and rich red that it comes in, but for its simple and basic design as well. It's a perfect number for your fuss-free days, easy to quickly put on in the mornings and stylish enough to last you through your day. The red that this dress comes in isn't too bright or vibrant. It's in this darker undertone of red that helps to create a subtle nuance for the number! Not to mention, the matte tortoiseshell buttons down the front give an extra autumn look to the dress! In this midi length, our Marella Linen Midi Dress is a perfect option for your autumn days where it's not too warm or not too cold. Alternatively, wear it for summer with a pair of simple sliders like what we've done here to enjoy the versatility this dress gives!

Jalenn Linen Midi Dress in Pink 

If you fancy something a tad softer in shade, you can opt for this sweet pink of our Jalenn Linen Midi Dress! This soft hue reminds you of both autumn and spring and is a great in-between-seasons kind of number! Similar to our Marella Linen Midi Dress, our Jalenn Linen Midi Dress is also made out of linen, giving you the finest comfort and style in its soft and trendy material. It also comes with the same matte tortoiseshell buttons at the front that adds a pop of colour and detail to the look as a whole! For an extra detail, you can even match it with your favourite belt (we suggest using a brown belt to stick with the warm hues!) that will also give some accentuation to your waist as co-founder Bert has done here! 

Dorise Linen Top in Marigold

Doesn't our Dorise Linen Top in Marigold remind you of autumn just in one look? Its bright and strong hue reminds you of falling leaves and gives off the perfect autumn vibe when matched with a simple pair of bottoms. Made of linen, it is also comfortable to wear for both hot and cold days, or in the in-between weather. Its also worn in a loose fit that creates a breezy look when tucked in or out. You can even tuck it into your bottoms at the front and let it flow loose as Liane (@liane663) has done here. This accentuates your waist but also gives you a casual look that's easy to put on and fuss-free!

Arina Gingham Midi Skirt

Since we're on yellow hues, our Arina Gingham Midi Skirt is another number to consider if you're looking to exude autumn vibes in your look! The gingham print is a timeless one and is perfect to achieve a preppy chic look, perfect for your everyday style. Here, co-founder Bert paired the skirt with a basic cream long-sleeved top for her cold weather day. Alternatively, you may also pair the skirt with a simple camisole tucked in for summer days. Worn high-waist, this skirt will give a great shape to your body as well!

Talisha Top in Tan

If you prefer something a little darker and more subtle, our Talisha Top in Tan is indeed the one for you! It comes in this unique warm tone that is great to match with almost any solid-coloured bottom. The unique shade of this top is also one that is guaranteed to turn heads. Of course, we are loving the slightly puffed sleeves which offers a focal point to this basic number. Match it with a pair of gold earrings to achieve the ultimate warm glow of the season! 

Lucina Suede Midi Skirt in Pink

Our Lucina Suede Midi Skirt in Pink is the epitome of autumn! For anyone who can't decide what autumn colour is their favourite or which looks the best on them, this skirt is for you! Our Lucina Suede Midi Skirt in Pink features all the colours of autumn that you can possibly need as well as some cooler tones to balance the look! The cream, pink, rust, and light blue of the skirt create a perfect balance between the colours and will help you stand out in the crowd. You can easily match this as how Jocina (@jocinaaa) has done with a simple coloured top to perfect your look! (Style tip: Pick a coloured top that goes well with the autumn colour scheme so as to create a 10/10 coordinate.) You can also match this skirt with a white or black top for a more subtle look! 


These autumn colours are perfect for anyone who wish to live in the season and relish in the deep beauty of nature's warm hues. If you have a warm skin undertone, these threads are especially the ones for you! And even if you don't consider yourself to have a warm skin undertone, try these autumn colours out - you'll never know what the magic of autumn hues can do! These favourite autumn picks are easy to style with most other basic colours like white or black, and will give you the best autumn glow as we approach the end of the year!

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