Delicate Details

Ring in the changes in your summer wardrobe with new delicate details that we are currently obsessed over - Eyelet!
Eyelets have their own unique charm, an understated kind of beauty. It's something so subtle, you might just miss it if you did not take a proper look. But do it well and you will be the most sophisticated lady in town! 

This Sunday (16/8), we bring you a series of eyelet styles that are guaranteed to be your new style keepers, regardless of seasons.


Klaire Eyelet Dress
Available in Cream and Forest

First up, an eyelet classic. This is a look where we let simplicity shine because of its relatively simple design.

For those who are more adventurous with colours, we've got options for you too. Go for the forest variant and stand out instantly with this colour choice. This colour stands out more for those with fair skin tones so that might be a point for consideration if you're on the fence for the colour of this dress!

With the highlight landing on the fabric as well as slight ruffled details at the sleeves, this dress gives you ample room for you to play up your accessorising. We went for a complementary brown hued arm candy and pearl earrings to keep the overall look sweet and elegant. Complete the look with a pair of heels if you'd prefer a dressy look or opt for sliders for a slightly more off-duty look!

Klaire Eyelet Wrap Dress
Available in Cream and Forest

If you are on the look out for eyelet styles with a tad more details, this wrap dress fits the bill to a tee. Featuring collars and a functional wrap detail, this dress draws attention to your neckline and helps flaunt those collarbones without being over the top. 

The functional wrap detail helps to accentuate your figure and lends an hourglass silhouette to the wearer. Did we also mention how it is a plus point for nursing mummies as well? (: 

And of course, the details stand out even more with the forest version as the buttons contrast nicely against the decadent hue. One of the main reasons why we have both cream and forest for these eyelet styles is because the colours are vastly different from each other but they are still extremely versatile and easy to style!

Klaire Eyelet Ruffled Top X Klaire Eyelet Shorts
Available in Cream and Forest

For those who are prefer separates over one-piece, you're in for a treat as well!
Klaire is also available in a top and shorts set, which is very much something we love. Sets are so effortlessly stylish; you do not need to fuss over the mixing and matching.

Don't you agree that donning these as a set creates a look that is akin to a romper?
You get the seamless look without the troubles that accompany a romper (no woes about visiting the washroom!) so what's there not to love? ;)

Going for separates like these offers you endless style options because you can achieve so many different looks. Just opt for different tops / bottoms to create new looks.
Here we went for a pair of pants to complement the cream shade top along with dainty gold accent earrings.

A simple getup that spells elegance!

Another style tip that we would like to share with you ladies: Florals are perfect to match with eyelets! Here we have our Melrose Top, which we matched with our Klaire Eyelet Shorts and completed the look with dangling white earrings.

This look radiates summer vibes and is a refreshing take on exquisite fabric.
Go on and give it a try if you are planning to head out for a brunch date this weekend.


There we have it - styles of different kinds featuring eyelet details.
Suffice to say that whatever your style is, eyelet is something that is great for you to experiment with. It is timeless, charming and definitely worthy of a spot in your wardrobe.

Featured styles above will be launching online this Sunday (16/8), 8.30pm and are now available at all SG and MY retail outlets.

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