Dear Cadelia

Wed, 2020-05-13

Hi ladies! When we suspended operations for a month, we received lots of love and many messages about how much all of you missed our launches! With hearts full of gratitude and appreciation, we are back to the daily grind and back with our regular launches!

From 10 May, we will be launching online once a week on every Sunday at 8.30pm. We have just launched a new collection last Sunday and we are humbled by the support garnered for the Incandescent Spring collection. Many of you showed love for our Glendale Denim Culottes in White and it was sold out almost immediately! Thank you so muchhhhh! If you have missed it, this pair is available on backorders! Seize your second chance to grab this best-seller via this link here.

This week, we are really excited to introduce the latest addition to our line-up of in-house prints. It has been a long time coming and we know you guys are always looking forward to our exclusive prints as seen from the popularity of Lilla and Akemmi. This time, we are back with a new print that fits just right with the change in seasons.

Introducing Cadelia – our in-house foliage print designed to serve as a representation of hope and strength. Just like how a leaf drifts in the air supported by the slow breeze and vibrant rays of the sun, we hope to usher in new days filled with endless possibilities, especially during this trying period.

Cadelia is a celebration of optimism, happiness and hope for the future. We may be standing in the shadows during these unprecedented times, but we want to use this vibrant print to serve as a reminder that brighter days are yet to come. Foliage also provides us with the shade to take short breaks for the rest that we need, and we hope that our Cadelia foliage print inspires us to continue onto the better journey ahead.

Featuring shades of foliage green, black and lavender, our Cadelia print comes in a variety of designs and silhouettes to cater to each to every one of you. Without further ado, let us give you ladies a sneak preview of our Cadelia pieces from the Tropical Wonder collection launching online this Sunday (17 May) at 8.30pm!

1. Cadelia Dress

Firstly, we have our Cadelia Dress which is a sweet and flattering number you’ll love! It is a gorgeous piece that highlights your silhouette and radiates positive energy in the bright shades of foliage green and lavender.

Our Cadelia Dress also comes with a faux wrap design which adds even more detail to the overall look. We predict that this will be a hit with the girly ones as it exudes feminine vibes that are meant for the sweethearts!

2. Cadelia Blouse

Here’s one for the conservative ladies! Our Cadelia Blouse is a keeper for its effortless look and stylish design with functional buttons down. This is also a fuss-free piece that is perfect for you to lounge in while staying at home due to how comfortable this top is!

To let our Cadelia print take centre stage, we reckon it would be a great look if you were to style this top with plain bottoms such as our Deley Denim Culottes (also launching in the same collection) or our Glendale Denim Culottes in White. Play up your look with accessories and you are good to go!

3. Cadelia Ruffled Skirt

What’s not to love about ruffles and dainty button details? Our Cadelia print also comes in a ruffled skirt design that offers versatile styling options! Complete your look with our Cade Top or Bayson Satin Top for that extra touch of styled finesse.

There are also many ways to style this look down for a cozy, stay home look. Consider matching it with a plain tee to achieve a more casual look if you prefer a less dressy style.

We hope we’ve gotten you excited for our Tropical Wonder collection! In the meantime, check out our lookbook for more sneak previews and we’ll see you at the launch this Sunday (17 May) at 8.30pm. P.S. Gold members enjoy priority access at 8pm!


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