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Hello ladies! 

As we wrap up the end of April, may you remember to pause and be mindful of celebrating the highs and lows of this month. If the month of April was filled with challenges beyond what you could ever imagine, just know that you are not where you were yesterday. Allow yourself to bloom with grace in this season of growth. Life is all about basking under the sun and remembering that our life is a marathon, not a race.

One of the ways to instantly transform our mood and to feel our absolute best is when we are dressed in an outfit that allows us to exude confidence and strength. We've got a couple of upcoming outfits that
 will provide you with multiple shades and ways to keep you looking chic and cool all summer and beyond.

Stay tuned till the end to find out when you can lay your hands on these items. ;) 

Introducing the perfect summer dress that is fuss-free yet allowing you to look chic all day long without having to compromise on comfort. 

1. Trina Dress

The Trina Dress comes in three gorgeous shades (Khaki, Rust & Seafoam) for you to choose from. If you are not bought over by the shades, wait till you notice the intricate details on this gem. The Trina Dress features ruffled hem sleeves and functional seashell buttons down the front that makes this dress a timeless piece that will never lose its charm.

2. Grenda Dress

As for the Grenda Dress, it comes in four lovely spring shades (Daffodil, Dusty Blue, Lilac & Sage). Aside from the beautiful pastel hues, what sets this dress apart is the flattering square neckline with pleated details and
the ruffled sleeve hems that add an extra dose of romance to the entire outfit.

But that's not all. ;) The cherry on top is the lovely floral shaped buttons that add on a little more to this comfy number that will definitely take you through the seasons.

3. Solla Top & Solla Midi Skirt

If you are not someone into dresses or you prefer separates, we’ve got something just for you. Our Solla Top and Solla Midi Skirt comes in three different shades (Cream, Lilac & Navy). This two-piece set can be worn together or on its own. Either way, it is undeniable that the Solla Top and Solla Midi Skirt are crazy versatile, offering you many styling options that you can experiment with.

4. Kayen Two Way Top & Kayen Pants

If you are looking for something new and refreshing to add to your style capsule, you can opt for this two-piece matching set. The Kayen Two Way Top and Kayen Pants make a set that is an instant stunner to the eyes. 

Wish to keep things fuss-free? Wear the set and save yourself the hassle of mixing and matching. Another style tip is to find a pair of chic shoes and a bag that matches the colours of the pattern. If you are feeling adventurous, you can throw on a hat or a scarf to increase the dimension of your look. 


The fashion choices that we make every day, leaves an impact on us in a radical and powerful way. It helps to transform the way we feel about ourselves and it is also an instant mood booster. As we welcome the new month ahead, may you continue to discover new styles and new traits that you never knew existed. 

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