Celebrating Moments

20th March marks International Happiness Day. It's not a day that is commonly celebrated but we were just thinking - why not? Happiness is everything worth celebrating and prioritising. Whether it's your own happiness or your loved ones, make that a priority and you will feel how that will provide an instant uplift to your mental health. 

New Moments, Together
To celebrate this special launch, we decided to launch a special print entitled Moments.
Every stroke represents different emotions you have experienced in the last year! May the print give you strength through the toughest times and remind us to be blessed wherever we are right now. 😌

This print is unique to the team. It comes in a variety of designs - Kimono, Dress, Romper, Top, Pants and Midi Skirt. This launch also marks our first foray into men's apparels as we bring this print in our very first men's shirt

Our inspiration? You.
If you asked us what inspired us to do so, the very simple answer is... you. 
We have heard you ladies and your requests and we understand just how meaningful it would be for us to include your loved ones, no matter the gender, in your everyday life. 

Comfort & Style
Being able to bring about comfort and style has always been something our team set out to do and there was simply no reason for us to stop at just ladies' apparels. 

Into The Details
Of course, let's zoom in on the details. The men's shirt is a tad different from the ladies. We did not want to go over the top with the design so that the highlight remains to be on the print. Note the little side slit - nothing too fancy but just a sweet touch of deets. 

Versatile styling has also been an aspect that we pride our apparels for. Wear it for an event, wear it for your everyday, no matter the occasion, we want to have you all covered. 
This is why, we are putting it out there that this shirt is meant for both the men and the ladies! Check out the different ways that you can pull off this look!

Shop The Launch Online & In Stores
This print, this launch is special to us and we hope that you join us at our launches both online and in stores.
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