Bringing Pastels Back

Something that our co-founders Brianna and Bertilla hold very closely from when they started The Closet Lover all those years ago till today as they continue doing what they love is to create apparels that promote beauty and confidence for every woman, no matter the style or shape she's in! This is strongly emphasised in the wide variety of apparels that TCL creates and designs - there will always be something for anyone and everyone! Whether you prefer feminine florals or basic classic pieces, TCL's got your back! 

In today's blog, we feature a number of our favourite pastel pieces that are all restocked. These are pieces you've asked for, called back, and love very much! Whatever your personality, we have something for you. If you can't decide, follow our suggestions to get a restock piece that is perfect for your style and your character! 

For The Basic One

Habibi Top in White
One of our all-time favourite staples that we love as much as you do (you've asked for two backorders for this number already!) is our Habibi Top in White that's a part of our Drea X TCL Capsule Collection. This top can possibly be one of the most versatile pieces of all time, and is perfect for anyone who considers herself more basic and simple in personality! 

Our Habibi Top is made of a very lightweight and breezy cotton-linen blend that is comfortable for humid weather yet non-sheer with its inner lining! It features pleated details at the front, giving the top a simple and iconic design! It's perfect for styling any way you'd like whether it's with a matching linen skirt (as Drea has done with our Sahure Midi Skirt in White) for a complete linen outfit, or with any other basic or printed bottoms! You may also wear it tucked in or tucked out as a loose-fitting piece, perfect for your off-duty days. Like you, our Habibi Top is simple but easy-going and loveable all the same! 

For The Girly One

Laudrie Watercolour Printed Skirt Romper
If you consider yourself a girly girl and love all things sweet and feminine, our Laudrie Watercolour Printed Skirt Romper is the perfect apparel for you! We had the opportunity to work with Pearlyn & Paper (@pearlynkmin) to create this beautiful and whimsical watercolour design that features watercolour brush strokes in a mix of pink, orange, and yellow hues. As the name suggests, this piece comes with a romper beneath the skirt overlay and is perfect for you who desire a bit more movement about throughout your day.

The best part is that it's versatile enough for you to dress this number both up and down! Style it with a pair of simple sliders or sandals for a casual day out or jazz it up with some accessories (we recommend going with gold accessories to match with the yellow and orange hues of the dress!) to complete your look! The polyester blend it comes in creates an added smoothness and flow to the overall look, adding to its whimsical and feminine vibes the print already gives off! 

Whether you're a sweetheart at heart or you just love pink, our Laudrie Watercolour Printed Skirt Romper exudes the grace and daintiness that you possess! Who else to pull this off best but you!

For The Free-Spirited One

Sacara Sleeved Romper in Pink
The Sacara Sleeved Romper is definitely a perfect choice if you are someone who's carefree and free-spirited! The Sacara Sleeved Romper is fuss-free and great for lazy and easy days when you just want to get ready quickly yet stylishly. The pink hues of the romper exude a soft and sweet vibe that adds feminine touches to your overall look. It even comes with deep pockets for you to put your little things inside, and perhaps even go about your day without a bag to hold you back!

This romper features a cotton-linen blend that creates a flowy look, emphasising the freedom that the romper already creates through its design. It also comes with a matching waist sash that when worn, can add extra accentuation to your waist. Fold up the sleeves to perfect the simple and casual look, and take this much-loved piece to the beach for a good summer's day out just like how co-founder, Bert has done!

For The Nature-Lover

Kyla Botanical Printed Top
Calling all outdoor-lovers out there: our Kyla Botanical Printed Top is specially for you! Not only does it feature a botanical print that complements your adventurous personality, but it also is a lightweight piece that functions well for the outdoors as well. The thin straps that it comes in is great for the hot weather and for your constant moving about throughout your day. The chiffon-polyester blend further gives a breathable comfort when worn!

While it is simple in its cut and design, it comes with added ruffled details down the front that amps up your outfit as a whole. These ruffles add a touch of sweetness as well as gives the print an elevated dimension. Inspired by nature all around, the Kyla Botanical Printed Top features green botanical leaves on a white base that brings the various shades of pastel green out. Be one with nature as you traverse the outdoors with our Kyla Botanical Printed Top made perfect for you! 

For The Sunshine

Sanna Floral Printed Slip Dress
If you are optimistic and full of sunshine, you will love our Sanna Floral Printed Slip Dress! The dandelion base of the dress will bring out the glow in you while still maintaining the floral sweetness from its dainty blooms. It contrasts against the floral prints scattered around to highlight these intricate buds.

Another highlight of this bright number is its little brass gold buttons down the front. Not only are these buttons functional, but they also help bring out the warmth of the piece (and in you!). A casual number that is perfect for a day out on the beach or in town, our Sanna Floral Printed Slip Dress is lightweight and fuss-free! Shop this thread to bring out the best of the summer tones and style up all year round! 


So whatever personality you have or whatever style you relate the most with, TCL has something for everyone! These classics remain your top picks over the years because of all its versatility and style. Click here to view our full range of restocks now, and shop these favourite pieces!

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