Behind The Shoot

Have you ever wondered what goes behind every collection launch that you see on our site? What do we do whenever we're out on photoshoots? Or what happens before you view the product images on our website?

Today, we show you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of one of our recent photoshoots that we had done earlier this month. Read on to join us as we take you through our day! (Psst, you can also enjoy some sneak peeks of some of our upcoming launches coming to you in the next few weeks!)

In our upcoming launches, you can look forward to glimpses of Raintr33 Hotel Singapore. The hotel is located at 33 Hendon Road and provides a peaceful retreat from the busy city life. Our day spent there was really restful and quiet. Raintr33 Hotel believes in the power of nature to soothe the soul as it is surrounded by the greenery all around it. Their hotel is in the old-style colonial houses which offers a touch of traditional living with modernity. For that one day we were there, it felt like we were in nature's paradise. 

The team arrived there early at 7am to set up and get ready for the full day ahead. The sun is the best at this time of the day - Not too strong and bright and it offers a natural glow to every look. Yes, natural light is always our best friend at all photoshoots! The morning weather also gives us a cooler temperature to shoot with rather than the hot afternoon sun and humidity. 

First, we start with hair and make-up from our residential make up artist, Airin. Here you can see Airin working on our model, Natalia's hair and make-up before our shoot properly began. 

Once hair and make up are done, it's showtime! We begin our shoot! 

With so many apparels to shoot and only a set amount of time to finish everything within, everyone on the team has a part to play for a smooth photoshoot. Together with our make-up artist, Airin, you can find our graphic designers there who are mostly in charge of taking pictures and videos. Our marketing team is there too, to help with styling and to be extra hands at our shoots. Co-founders Bert and Bree will also try to make it for the various shoots that we have if their schedule permits too. They were here with us during our Raintr33 Hotel shoot! It's definitely always nice to have them around with us to offer additional shooting directions!

During the shoot, all hands will be on deck; no one gets away with doing nothing! Some of us will be helping our model with her outfit changes and style her with the necessary accessories and pairings for her apparels. Some will be shooting the photos and videos necessary, while others will be assisting with the reflectors and keeping a lookout that the apparels look right on point for every outfit! 

And of course, the hours we have with our model quickly come to an end! They always say that time passes by quickly whenever we're having fun; and that's what happens on our photoshoot days!


Join us for more behind-the-scenes outtakes and exclusives in our next blog posts to come! We love sharing more of our lives here at TCL with you and can't wait to bring you on more days with us! 

See you very soon! 

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