All About Peplum

A peplum, by definition, is an added layer of material on a top, skirt, or dress that flares out on the waist. And it is indeed the trend of the season! 

Peplum numbers have had a long history that some say began with the Greek society from as long as 500 B.C.! The word "peplum" is said to have originated from the Greek word "peplos" which refers to a long tunic that the Greeks wore that is cinched at the waist. Just like our peplum numbers today, the Greeks enjoyed the accentuated waist and figure that the peplum cuts of their peplos gave. Up till today, the peplum cut is still popular with many alike.

Today, we feature a few of our favourite peplum tops that are perfect for your any occasion! Whatever you like, there's a peplum top for you! 


As the name suggests, the Rowana Tweed Peplum Top is made of tweed, and is our newest tweed favourite! It is both comfortable and stylish at the same time, featuring a colourblock design that gives it an added sophistication and colour! The flare of this top, in particular, is a ruffled chiffon. The contrast between the lightweight quality of the chiffon against the slightly more structured and hard material of the tweed is what gives the top its stylish look! 

This top also comes with matching shorts available here that is perfect when styled together!


Our Mirae Peplum Top is a classic number that you need in your wardrobe! Not only does it come in two basic colours, white and black, but it is also a simple and fuss-free option for your everyday look. Style it with a pair of culottes or pants for your 9-5 days or with a pair of shorts or jeans for your weekends - it is that versatile and simple! The light flares of the peplum cut as well as that of the sleeves will elevate your look to achieve its optimum grace and feminine perfection. This is also great for you if you would like longer sleeves and a higher neckline for a more conservative outfit!

Style Tip: Match this lightweight number with a more structured bottom to create a great contrast to your look! 


Our Amaya Ruffled Peplum Top is also a a lightweight number that exudes the feminine grace for the sweetheart in you. Available in both white and pink, our Amaya Ruffled Peplum Top is a great option for dressier occasions. The ruffled overlay at the sleeves gives a seamless flow to the overall look while the asymmetrical hemline makes the top all the more special. This top is perfect for anyone who wants to accentuate your figure with its ruffled details that add volume to the bust and the peplum cut that gives your figure the curves you want. 


If you'd prefer something with a bit more prints and colour, our Glenna Gingham Peplum Top is the top for you! This top is a timeless piece with a twist! The green will give your outfit the pop of colour that it needs. In a lightweight polyester blend, this top calls out for summer! The ruffled peplum detail just slightly below the waist creates a dimension to your silhouette, and is great for anyone who just wants that little flare! 


Love florals? Try our Aubree Floral Printed Peplum Top that's just been launched. Like the Glenna Gingham Peplum Top, our Aubree Floral Printed Peplum Top also features a slight peplum detail that's great for anyone who wants just the right amount of flare without a distinct accentuation. This top features two sleeve types; it has a dainty thin strap on one side and a sweet ruffled sleeve on the other, creating the best balance between the two. The Aubree floral print is  also elegant and sophisticated, one that will help you achieve the exquisite look!

(If you want to try something different but still play around with the peplum detail, try the Aubree Floral Printed Peplum Skirt that is also in this same floral print!) 


Peplums, in general, are one of the most versatile styles there is out there! They flatter and work well on just about any body type, accentuating the waist and giving an illusion of a good figure. If you're someone who would like to appear slimmer, the accentuated waistline will help to make your waist appear slimmer. And if you'd like to have a fuller bottom, the flare of the peplum cut will emphasise on your curves at all the right places. So whatever it is, the peplum cut can be for you and is one essential item that you need in your wardrobe this season!

Come and join the peplum trend that has began all those years ago with one of these peplum favourites! Let the peplum detail do wonders to your body, whatever your body type, whatever your style.

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