A Stylish Night with Sherlyn Chan (@sherlynchanwp)

On 26th July 2018, we hosted a styling session with the amazing Sherlyn Chan (@sherlynchanwp) at our Westgate retail outlet. It was nothing short of a stylish and fun night! Sherlyn shared some of her favourite picks from our Mediterranean Breeze Collection, gave interesting styling tips that she herself lives by, and met many of our guests over good conversation and some shopping!

The night began at 7pm when the doors opened and our guests were treated to a shopping voucher and some light snacks, as well as a short time together before the styling session started proper to mix around and get to meet each other and our team.

Sherlyn took centre stage and began sharing about her favourites from our Mediterranean Breeze collection. The event offered the guests an exclusive preview of the collection and all participants got first dips on the collection. Talk about perks of attending the event! 

Here are some of the evening’s highlights:

Sherlyn styles our
Sheila Midi Dress in both its colours, white and olive. Bertilla wore the white dress while Amanda wore the one in olive. Sherlyn matched the olive dress on Amanda with a pair of white sneakers, giving Amanda a minimalistic look where the olive was contrasted and brightened up against the white of the sneakers. It was definitely a great way to let the colour speak for itself.

Sherlyn also shared that dropwaist details tend to elongate your body and make you seem taller than you actually are - a neat cheat for anyone who feels like they’re shorter!

For all the print lovers out there, we had them covered with our 
Sellene Floral Printed Peplum Top and the Sellene Floral Printed Slit Culottes. This print is as versatile as you’d like it to be! You can pair the top and the culottes with different pieces to create more than one look. Bertilla and Amanda wore the Sellene Floral Printed Peplum Top and the Sellene Floral Printed Slit Culottes respectively for a casual occasion.

The high-waist design of the culottes lends an illusion of a smaller bottom. 
Sherlyn paired this pair of culottes with a pair of white sliders, and gave guests the challenge to potentially style their Sellene outfits with shoes that follow the colours off the print itself. “Pick the colours out!” Sherlyn said, giving the options of green and pink for anyone who feels more adventurous... Any takers on the challenge?

When asked about the floral prints in this collection, our co-founder Bertilla shared a little more about the thought process that went on behind the collection: ‘Usually when we design something, we will look at the prints and see what we want to do with it… we wanted to spice up the prints in this collection.” These floral prints together with the detailed designs go hand in hand to create these spiced up looks!

The last piece that Sherlyn had chosen to feature that evening was the
Alessia Midi Skirt in all its three colours: dandelion, mint, and black. Sherlyn herself wore the skirt in dandelion while Amanda wore it in mint, and Bertilla wore it in our Singapore store-exclusive colour, black!

Here, Sherlyn shared about how our different skin tones can match with different outfits and colours. Her easy trick to tell if your skin tone is warm or cool is to see if you look better in gold or silver jewellery! If you look better in gold jewellery, you have a warm skin tone and if you frequent silver ones, you have a cooler skin tone. Your skin tone can bring out the colours of your outfits better and can aid you in choosing the colours of your outfit!

All t
hree skirt colours were paired with different tops because the skirt is indeed, that versatile. Sherlyn matched her own dandelion skirt with a white t-shirt that she taught all of us that night how to tie up to make it cropped. She wore her skirt without the sash so the attention can be emphasised on her tied-up t-shirt to achieve a more casual look.

Bertilla’s black skirt was paired with our
Habibi Top in White and was worn with the sash that Sherlyn suggested added to give more details to the look as a whole. Amanda wore the skirt in mint paired with our Tarra Buttoned Top in White that comes with balloon sleeves for a more conservative look.

To sum this part of the evening up, Sherlyn shared her biggest fashion tip to all our guests: that knowing your body type and what type of styles your body suits are the most
important things in fashion styling. Because everyone has a different body type, we need to know how to style it well to bring out the unique individuality and style that we have!

We continued the evening with a time of chats and conversations over little nibbles and our exclusive shopping time for our guests. Many of the guests that night personally went up to Sherlyn and Bertilla to ask about styling opinions and tips, and of course, for pictures!

Many took pictures of the event, bought some of the pieces from that Sunday’s collection, and kept the style tips that Sherlyn gave as we headed home that night. If anything at all, it was an evening of stylish fun and get together.

We’re more than grateful for this opportunity to be working with and collaborating with Sherlyn who is such a dear friend to us at TCL. Thank you, Sherlyn, for sharing your styling tips and for spending the night with us!

We can't wait for the next event where we will get the chance to meet all you ladies and share about all our new and upcoming pieces! Till the next, ladies!


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The Mediterranean Breeze Collection featured that evening has been launched on 28th July 2018.
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