A Day As TCL's HR!

Thu, 2020-01-02

Hello ladies! We hope you've all had a great 2019 and are recharged for the year ahead!
We most certainly are, and of course, looking forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations!

We've heard from you on wanting to get to know our TCL team better, and today, we'll be shadowing our HR team around to get a glimpse of what a day at work looks like for them!

Introducing our dearest Sandy and Huishi from our Human Resource team! Also known as the backbone of our company, they are the ones who brought all of us together to make us such a close-knitted family! :) Some of you may have met them before as they are our first point of contact for potential candidates and interviewees.

A boisterous duo, they are huge fans of TCL and can always be seen decked from head to toe in our apparels! 

Huishi is wearing our Sheya Ruffled Midi Dress in Dusty Pink, and Sandy is wearing our Pia Shirt in White, together with our Denali Culottes in Lilac

Some of their day to day work includes hiring new talents for TCL, organising bonding events and activities for our TCL family. They are also the ones handling our payrolls and and relevant employee documents!

Kicking off the day with an internal HR meeting, they discuss their ideas for our upcoming CNY reunion dinner as well as to sort out the logistics behind it! It's definitely not easy trying to feed so many hungry girls and to think of activities to keep all of us entertained! 

That's not all on their agenda, as they review and go through some of the internal employee documents and paperwork. Keeping a record on all the employees' data as TCL grows - this is no mean feat and calls for quite a fair bit of meticulousness on their end. We definitely appreciate having them do all this work behind the scenes! 

They also discuss some of the upcoming employee bonding events they have lined up for us! Is that a yoga class we hear upcoming?

These internal meetings are definitely essential as it helps them to constantly review our employees' performance as well as morale! As TCL grows as an organisation, something that we hope that the company is able to do would be to help every individual on board with us to grow along with us in terms of their skill sets, their personal growth and their mindsets.

In the afternoon, it is time for them to put up the Chinese New Year decor around the office! They first scour for inspiration on Pinterest before planning out the props and decor they need. Their dedication and efforts definitely help to spruce up the office for the festive season! 

It is definitely not an easy task, having to set up the decorations from scratch and visualising the set-up beforehand. They spent a few hours putting up decor for the office every time a festive holiday rolls around, think Christmas, Chinese New Year and National Day! Time consuming yes, but that certainly helps to add on to the festive vibes around in office.

This CNY backdrop makes for great backdrops for our OOTDs as well. Some of you may have spotted our latest Chinese New Year decor in our recent Try Ons posted on Instagram! ;) If you have yet to take a look, you can view them here!

Later in the day, they interview potential candidates for some of our open positions! (Psst, we're looking to expand our TCL family!) It is extremely important to them to take every interview seriously, and assess each candidate on a holistic basis. 

After interviewing a potential candidate, they will usually assess the candidate's experience, as well as whether they would be a good fit for TCL, alongside the Hiring Manager! Here, Sandy is interviewing for one of our open positions alongside Stephanie, our Assistant Marketing Manager.

We are so thankful for both Sandy and Huishi, who have been working silently behind the scenes all this while to manage the needs of all our TCL employees! Our office would definitely be much quieter without this fun-loving pair. 

While we are still a small company, we hope all of you had fun peeking into what we do on a daily basis! :) We are all working hard everyday to ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently for all of you, and Human Resource is definitely an essential function of the company! 

If you loved this staff feature and would love to see more of our departments being featured on our blog, you would be more than welcome to comment below or drop us a message on our social platforms! 

Love, Team TCL 

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