7 Trendy Looks with Cooper and Andee!

Hello ladies,

Happy June! 

Many of you love our Cooper Oversized Shirt and Andee Tee, and it is no wonder why. We too, are in love with timeless classics that can bring us through the seasons effortlessly. It is also well-loved because of the countless styles that you can achieve with these staple pieces.

This week, we are excited to bring them back in new colours that are sure to become your new go-to shades.

Time to get creative with 7 trendy looks featuring Cooper and Andee! ;)


1. Cooper Oversized Shirt in Mocha

Introducing an earthy and decadent Mocha shade. For those of you wondering what's the difference with our previously launched Maple tone, this one has a more milky tone to it. We love Cooper simply because, we can wear it on its own or use it as a layering piece - which is exactly what we did here. Get adventurous with your colour matching as we did with a blue inner top (We went with our all-time fave Brea Knitted Top.) Complete this look with our upcoming Vidia Denim Culottes in Light Wash and you're all good to go. 

2. Andee Tee in Black

Don't we all love a good basic tee? Everyone needs a staple black tee in their wardrobe and we're sure the Andee Tee in Black will soon be your wardrobe's new addition! For a playful touch, mix with different textures by pairing the Andee Tee with Flenda Dotted Skirt in Sage. We love how a simple tee can be easily elevated with different colours and textures. Should you prefer a dressier look, throw on some heels and you're ready for date night.

3. Cooper Oversized Shirt in Pink

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! Movie references aside, we are absolutely enchanted with this muted shade of pink! For those afraid of adding colour to your wardrobe, muted tones in this collection are an easy way to introduce colour. There are many ways to style with Cooper, and one way is to knot the front and pair with some high waisted bottoms such as the Rinda Pants. The muted tones of pink and seafoam complement each other extremely well, don't you think so? 

4. Cooper Oversized Shirt in Pink

For those who still cannot imagine Cooper in different styles, fret not. This year has been the year of being bold with your fashion choices, so why not try layering Cooper over the Andee Tee in White, rolling up the sleeves and only buttoning the top few buttons. This creates a three-dimensional look and you instantly look chic and trendy! Match with some fun lilac bottoms and you're looking all ready for summer! 

5. Cooper Oversized Shirt in Sky

Who else loves retro inspired looks? For those stuck on working with wardrobe staples, why not seek inspiration from the past? Knot the Cooper Oversized Shirt in Sky and roll up the sleeves for an effortless yet casual look. Pair a pastel blue headband and some jeans for mono-colour look! Or, for the pastel lovers, knot the Cooper Oversized Shirt in Sky just like we did above and pair with our Flenda Dotted Skirt in Lilac for a modern twist. 

5. Andee Tee in Buttermilk

Pastel yellow for summer? Yes please! This bright shade of yellow is sure to turn anyone's frown upside down. For those who love being comfortable and love bohemian inspired fashion, pair the Andee Tee in Buttermilk Yellow with a kimono to exude an easy chic vibe. We love this pairing with our Vidia Denim Culottes in Dark Wash for that bit of vintage touch.

7. Cooper Oversized Shirt in Sage

Sage is the in colour for 2021, does anyone else agree? Though most of us have been working from home, we know that some of us have to return to office and are still on the hunt for office outfits. We hope you are staying safe!

We trust that our Cooper Oversized Shirt in Sage will be your new go-to top. It goes with most skin tones and will certainly brighten up your complexion. We've paired with the a neutral-coloured pants for a tailored fit. For a more casual style, try half tucking Cooper into your bottoms, you still look professional yet trendy! ;)


We hope this colourful styling guide has inspired you to pair Cooper and Andee in refreshing ways. Though many of us might not be heading back to office anytime soon, we hope these new shades help to re-energise everyone during this difficult period. 

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Leave us a comment below to share your favourite ways to style Cooper or Andee, we would love to know! 


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