1 Top, Many Occasions!

Thu, 2021-08-26

Hi ladies,

Can you believe we have reached the last week of August? Where has the time gone! We hope everyone has had a wonderful month thus far, and as we enjoy dining out and meeting friends again, we just wanted to wish everyone health and wellness all around. 

We've got the most exciting launch to end the month off, and if you need a refresher of what's launching, check out our lookbook here! In short, crop tops, Cooper for him & her and dresses are coming your way, so catch you online this Sunday (29/8) 8.30pm! ;)

In this guide, we've put together 6 different occasions to wear the highly anticipated Parker Crop Tops! Since we showed sneaks during our September Lunch Live, many of you ladies have been flooding our DMs with questions, and it's finally here.

Psst... Parker Crop Top is priced affordably at only $19.90!
But, key question here: where can I wear Parker to? 

Buckle up, as we take you through 6 different ways to style Parker.
Let us know which look was your favourite! :-)


1.Dining Out

Since we started eating out again this month, most of us might be struggling to come up with outfits that are comfortable yet appropriate for the occasion. The next time you're struggling with outfit inspirations, try this look out! 

YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in White, paired with the Vanda Linen Stripes Midi Skirt in Khaki for an extra touch of elegance. To make the look a little cosier, she's wearing the Luke Shirt in Mocha, and this look becomes chic and monochromatic instantly! Pair with your favourite handbag and sandals and you're all set for that dinner date with your girlfriends. Get ready for a ton of compliments too! ;)

Style tip: If your wardrobe consists of tones of the same shade, pair them together for extra dimension. Mocha and Khaki are similar shades of brown, yet look at how the deeper tones of Mocha complement the lighter shade of Khaki so well! 

2.Dress Down Fridays

Ah, the joy of Fridays for most of us hustling away with work! For dress down Fridays at the office, YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in Lavender and an upcoming high-waist pants and blazer combination! She paired the look with a pair of loafers and a purse, ready to head to the office to get her Friday meetings done.

Style Tip: If you've been wanting to experiment with colour but feel afraid to take the plunge, try introducing it in parts! Look how the lavender shade isn't too attention grabbing, yet complements the full black look extremely well by adding a fresh pop of colour.

3. Vaccination Ready

For those of us still getting our vaccinations, this look is perfect for you! It's casual, sophisticated and most importantly, accessible when the nurse is ready with the needle. 

YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in Black with everyone's favourite Randa Denim Jeans in Dark Wash (Ankle). Not only is this look vaccination appropriate, but it's an easy outfit to slip on and head out the door! The ribbed cotton texture of Parker and the soft denim material of Randa feel just like second skin and that just means extreme comfort for you! :-) 

Pair with your favourite sneakers if you're going for a casual look or dress this look up with your favourite heels and handbag. If the weather happens to be chilly, throw on an outerwear! We recommend our Harley Textured Cardigan or our Cooper Oversized Linen Shirts. So versatile! 

4. Grocery Run

Who else loves shopping for groceries? We could get lost in the aisles all day with the variety of options! Let us know down below if you're the same.

For this look, YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in Sky, Cooper Oversized Linen Shirt in Mist (now on backorders), and her favourite Braden Denim Shorts in Light Wash (Psst! Just restocked!). Doesn't she look casual, comfortable and ready for the super cold air-conditioners in the supermarket? She's got what she's came for, a bag of lemons ready for her daily lemon water at home for glowy and bright skin! :-)

Style tip: If you LOVE denim and monochromatic looks, the Parker Crop Top in Sky is the perfect layering piece to match all your favourite denim bottoms! 

5. To The Gym

Not only have we been dining out, but also getting our fitness game back on with the re-opening of gyms! For the ladies who have plans before and after the gym, this fit is perfect for you.

YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in Grey with the Ethan Denim Shorts in White.
This makes a very comfy and chic get up that you can easily slip on before or after your exercise session.
Whether you wanna throw on the outerwear or tie it around your waist for an effortless vibe, the choice is yours!

Psst... Cooper Oversized Linen Shirt is also launching this week, and a special edition for Men in 4 shades!

Style Tip: Many of us might find grey an underwhelming colour, but we beg to differ! This shade of heather grey is the PERFECT shade to layer colour over. Whether you want to match it with whites, blacks, blues, reds or greens, grey is a colour that will match anything. 

6. Lounging At Home

Of course, how could we forget about comfy fits to stay home? Safe to say, since the pandemic, many of us have gotten used to loose fitting pieces that are perfect to lounge around in.
Here, YY is wearing the Parker Crop Top in Matcha and the Kamilla Pants in Ash Lilac

If you own the Kamilla Pants, you would know how soft and flowy the material is, it just glides over your body effortlessly! Paired with the Parker Crop Top, both just scream comfort a million times over. Just to brighten up your day a little more, opt for the brighter shades and give your colour palette a refresh!

Style Tip: Now sage and purple might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they are harmonious colours that work well together, and are most prominent especially in interior design! Why not try this colour combination out the next time you're thinking of outfits. ;)


With that, we have come to the end of this guide for the Parker Crop Tops. We hope you ladies have had more inspiration about styling Parker and the 6 shades it comes in! 

Once again, these pieces will be launched this Sunday (29/8) online at 8.30pm. Gold members, we'll catch you a tad earlier at 8pm.

If you have your eye on any pieces, let us know which and be sure to tag us on Instagram (@theclosetlover, #tclootd) so we can show some love!

Stay safe and happy always.