This pants surprised me!

Hi! It’s been awhile since my last editor’s voice post and I’m inspired to update today cos I’ve something good to share! (:

So, it was shoot day today and my day started at 5am! We were supposed to head to somewhere in the east for our morning outdoor shoot but it was drizzling ???? No choice but to have a change of plan!

Went back to the office to shoot our studio photos first, hoping the weather will be in our favour soon. But nahhhh, the skies were still as dark and it was still raining at our office which is situated in the north! :(

Good thing we’ve a group with our Tampines 1 retail girls and we just had to try our luck! Maybe it’s raining in the north but not in the east? But as you can tell, we didn’t have any luck with the weather at all today. )':

Made a change of plans immediately on the spot and we are so glad we’ve friends from the industry to help us in such times! We also changed the items which were originally planned for the shoot such that they would fit our new location. Such situations don’t happen often but when it does, we just gotta react to it as quickly as we can so that our shoot can still continue!

Not many photos from the shoot to share but here’s one of Bert in her shoot position. She made us all laugh cos she looked like she was dancing ballet? She didn’t agree though, she said it’s natural reflex whenever a photographer is at work!
We went to shoot our outfits after the shoot ended! Drove to Portsdown Road to have a quick bite as I was a little hungry and I also had my photos taken at this really old school bar - Colbar. It isn’t my first time here, my last visit was probably a good 5-6 years ago and everything was still the same! The uncles there were friendlier than before and they were very welcoming! (: Colbar was previously referred as “Colonial Bar.” It was a canteen for the British army and has been around since 1953! Places with such stories are always charming.

As you can tell, the place really gives off old school vibes! We’ve so many redevelopment projects in Singapore and it’s not everyday that we get to visit a place that has stood through the test of time, and the me now really appreciates such places.

Wearing our Alani Pants in forest today! And it’s this pants that inspired me to make an update! Not sure if you’ve seen my IG post yet but if you haven’t, this pants is great not only in terms of the fit and cut, but it doesn’t crease!!! YES, there’s hardly any creases even after wearing it for more than 12 hours and I’m really impressed! We picked a fabric that could bring out the fit of the item, and our concern was the thickness as there’s no lining for the pants. It had to be something that had a little structure to it, and not sheer at all. So when I realised that there’s hardly any creases after a whole day of wearing it, it came as a pleasant surprise! (:

The pants comes in a high waist cut! I love high waist pants as they make me look taller, basically giving an illusion of height! I’m standing at 1.6m and it ends below my ankles! There’s also 2 front pockets. We’ve it in forest and black, and I picked the forest simply cos it’s a little more fun than the usual classic black! I don’t have to dress up too formal on most days. Hence for my lifestyle, the forest will be a better option for me. But I have to say black will be a super awesome work pants to have!

Styled it with an upcoming blouse that’s launching soon! I left the sash untied for a more relaxed look, and a fringe bag and weaved sandals to sorta complete the look! If you’re planning on getting this forest pants for work, it works well too! Black is usually preferred by the working ladies but it doesn’t mean you can’t have other colours, right? :wink: Go with a crisp white shirt, or a inner camisole and an oversized blazer, or even a stripes/ dotted shirt!

You can also try styling it with crop tops for weekends, I can imagine that being really chic! Or t-shirts and sneakers for a street style look.

Endless styling options for this flattering pants!

A little sneak for you if you’ve read until here! Sneak of this blouse that’s launching soon! Will share more about it nearing to the launch! 

Keep looking out for this space for more updates to come!