Recent Outfits

Hi guys! It's the last Tuesday of November and I'm here writing my first Editor's voice! It's 8.15pm now and everyone has left the office, and that's when I usually get the most work done. Time at the office usually zooms past way too quickly and I can't seem to strike off my to-do list as I'll always be involved in conversations, tasks and follow-ups here and there during office hours! I don't start my day as early as the team but I end later than them. I work best after 7pm and that's probably one perk of my job, I get to decide my working hours! 

Anyway, I'm here to share about my recent #tclootd. We have been launching twice a week for awhile now, and we actually launch more new items per launch now! I'm loving the recent collections - the colour palette is my cuppa tea, think rust, mustard, dusty nude pink and sage green! Linen is still very strong in the fabric trend! We first launched our linen pieces back in May. 6 months down the road, I'm really happy this fabric is here to stay. Linen is one of my fav fabrics simply cos it's comfortable, lightweight and classic. There's this minimalist vibe about the fabric that speaks volume. 

Full linen outfit for our TCL mobile app launch event! :) 
Put together our Kourtney Linen Top with Ralina Linen Pants.

Sage green and Khaki are colours I'd never have imagined myself wearing if you were to ask me just a few years back, so never say never!
I love this colour combination! I have always steered away from nude and khaki tones as I'm relatively tanned,
and I felt that these colours make me look even tanner than I already am.  But I've realised it is not necessary the case if we add add some colours into the outfit. 

Decided to make a pair of linen pants cos I absolutely love linen, and I realised there doesn't seem to have many linen pants option around. Kept things simple on this piece so it's definitely gonna be a wardrobe staple. It comes in a straight cut, pockets on the front and a simple button closure. Worn high waist and is fully lined. We have this in the colour I'm wearing Khaki, and navy as well! 

The top is awesomeeee! I love the versatility of it just like most of our two-way tops. I have to say this is fast becoming one of our signatures!
The two-way design allows us to pick the neckline we want. We have a group of customers who prefer the round or u-neckline, whereas there are others who prefer the v-neckline.

So this is what I call a win-win situation! There's no zip on this piece, so additional measurement has been factored in to allow us to put it on comfortably. Most customers tend to refer to the ptp measurement provided as it is, meaning if they are a ptp 15.5" and a usual S, and if S size for the item is stated as 16.5" and XS as 15.5", they will opt for XS due to the stated 15.5" ptp. This isn't very accurate as sometimes, measurements are bigger for better comfort, and in this case for the top, to make sure we are able to put it on. Just a tip for y'all! :)

I completed the look with a vest for a smart-casual look! Nothing too formal but it definitely helps to make the outfit look less casual!
Got many of you asking about it and yesss, it's an upcoming piece in December! We will be launching this in black and white, very wearable colours for work! 

Top: Kourtney Linen Top
Pants: Ralina Linen Pants

Kourtney Linen Top is available online via backorders now, in all colours! 

Wore this top a couple of times cos of how easy to match it is.
Here's one on another day I went for a casual look, with my ripped jeans no less. Also wore it on a different neckline! 

One with Bert, she's also in a linen piece - Jaleen Linen Midi Dress.

Moving on to the next outfit!
A relatively bright coloured piece just because I knew I was going to a cafe! Sorta planned this outfit with the location in mind. ;)

Sienna and white coordinate.
This look definitely lifted my mood for the day! 

Top: Adalle Ruffled Top
Pants: Milane Belted Culottes

We haven't launched a white bottom in awhile now. You'll probably realise by now we have overused our older white bottoms for our shoots, so yay to a new addition! White bottoms are great cos they match with EVERY SINGLE COLOUR.  Of cos there are will be days where I don't feel good in white, but on most days I find myself reaching out for white shorts, skirts or pants to go along with my coloured top. 

This piece comes in a relatively thick fabric so it's not sheer at all.
There's also a matching d-ring waist belt and I love that it adds an additional touch to the look.  The d-ring waist belt also sorta makes the look a little more formal, so this piece is suitable for dress down work days too!  Consider matching it with a blouse tucked in, low block heels and you'll be all good for work. One of the reasons why I love culottes is precisely how it doubles up as a work and casual piece. :)

If white isn't your thing, we have this pair in a nude pink shade too! 

Adalle Ruffled Top is a remake of an old piece if you haven't already know. From time to time, I get messages from customers about their purchases, how they wished an item came in a new print or colour. Or hoping an old design will make a comeback again. I do value these suggestions and this piece right here is a suggestion from one of you! :)


I really light the weight fabric on this piece, purrrfect for the SG weather.  The ruffles add a bit of flirty and playful vibes, and the colour makes the whole look so youthful! 
This piece also comes with a fitted layer under the ruffles. We added the inner layer so even if the wind blows and the ruffled layers are blown, you don't have to worry! 

Aside from the fabric, I really like the design and cut of this piece. 
It's of a crop length but it's not worn fitting, so that helps to hide my flaws. Some crop tops are better worn fitting but for this, it looks great with the ruffles and flare out design. :)
Adalle Ruffled Top is also available in white. 

Next, and also the last outfit I'm sharing is a recently launched piece! 
I was quite surprised this piece sold out so quickly. A backorder just opened online for it so if you missed it, remember to check our available backorders!  

Top: Calina Buttoned Top

We made this in two colours - white and sienna.

White is definitely easier for matching your bottoms, and sienna is a nice colour for Fall. This comes in a loose fit cut and there's buttons down the front - functional buttons. 

We know how some of you prefer functional buttons down, especially for breastfeeding mums.  It's a lot more convenient for you ladies! Since this piece can be easily worn without unbuttoning, we thought it'd be appropriate to have the buttons made functional. 

We picked tortise-shell buttons for this piece to stand out against the solid hue. I have always loved tortise-shell accessories and I'm secretly happy that this is the current trend! 
Tortise-shell may appear matured or older to some, but to me it feels as though it's gone through years of experience with a story to tell, something as though it's a vintage piece. ;)

Matched the top with my own ripped jeans and styled it with vacation-worthy accessories. Weaved bags give off strong vacation beach vibes, but they are can also be easily styled with our summer outfits!

Wooden earrings to finish off the look! 

And that marks my recent outfits I wanna share with you guys!
Let me know what else you guys wish to read over here, you can DM me on Instagram! :) 

Have a good remaining week guys! 

With love,