A Peek Into Our Photoshoot Days

Photoshoot days are one of our most stressful days. We worry about everything like the weather, location, models and more. What you think will not go wrong can go wrong. Thankfully, photoshoot that day was indoors and at this beautiful space - The White Space.

Our model, K was really easy to work with. Models play a huge part in bringing out the vibes of our apparels. She has blue eyes too!

We had quite a bit of props to play with! This is the beauty of shooting in an indoor studio. We do not need to worry about the weather and best of all, it is usually air-conditioned! ;)

If you think that we look glamorous at shoots, you are wrong. We are usually dressed up in UV protection jackets and long pants to combat the sun. If you happen to pass by, you might even find us holding this huge silver shield!

This was a rare occasion for me as I decided to dress up. ;) Wore this lightweight linen piece which matched our photoshoot set perfectly.

One more with Airin, our makeup artiste whom we have worked with for years! It is so special when you find someone you can connect with and work for the long term. :)

Featured item: Ginesa Linen Sleeved Top

Leaving this post with the fastest ootd taken on a rooftop haha. The weather was kind to us and gave us clear blue skies. Top is available online and you can shop my look below! Oh, share with me what you’ll like to read more about? ;)


Stephanie Soo
2019-05-25 12:36:27