Lemon-y Good!

Hi guys! I’m really excited about tonight’s launch and here’s a quick update what you can expect!

We’ve got lemon prints in this collection! Definitely something not quite our usual TCL style but still loving it all the same!

We’ve a pretty good mix of items in this launch - rompers, dresses, sleeved pieces and non sleeved ones as well! I wore the midi dress the other day and I was thinking how else can I style it? Tried layering with a white tee for a top and skirt look, and it turned out pretty not bad imo!

Since there’s no way I could tuck in my top like I could do so when wearing a skirt, I tied a knot just so the waist would look more defined! This is also a pretty brilliant way (if I may say so ;)) for ladies who are not too comfortable with bearing your arms for sleeveless pieces. You can try it on your other sleeveless apparels!

Aside from the reallyyy cute lemon prints, I love how the navy pops against these prints! We also have ash lilac in the other designs and that sort of gives off a softer vibe, navy definitely gives off a punch, in a way!

These pockets also came in extremely useful when I was getting dinner. I was queuing up for my food and the line was really long, and y’know they feeling where you want your hands to be freed so you can hold onto your phone, and just your phone only? :D I conveniently put my wallet in and I was pleasantly surprised it could fit so yay pockets!

You might be wondering how this dress looks like exactly? Without the tee?
Sneaks are up here, hop over for pictures! And if you’re looking for try-ons, we’ve also added them to highlights on our IG page!

See y’all tonight at the launch!